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U Mumba begins the home leg in style, massive performance against Jaipur Pink panthers

Bonus ka badshah Anup Kumar started the raid with a perfect bonus, while in the absence of Siddharth Desai Abhishek Singh was carrying the responsibility of lead raider and scored 1st point. Under 10 minutes of the game U Mumba made it clear they meant serious business, inflicted the first all-out in the 8th minute and Jaipur Pink Panthers were trailing by 7 points, 10-3. 

In the U Mumba camp 2 super 10s, 1 high five, 4 all-outs, Darshan Kadiyan and Abhishek Singh were on fire, Abhishek Singh Apart from picking his first ever ‘Super 10’, also contributed with two vital dashes as he kept the threat of Deepak Hooda at bay. While Fazel Atrachalli continued his consistency and decimated Pink Panthers attack, within six minutes of 1st all-out U Mumba inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 14th minute and took a massive lead of 15 points and walked into the half time with 18 points lead, 22-8.

In the first half U Mumba scored 14 raid points and 7 tackle points and the major contributors were Abhishek Singh, Darshan Kadian, Vinod Kumar, Fazel Atrachali with 6, 5, 4, 4, points respectively. 


U Mumba Vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers final score


In the second half misery for Jaipur Pink Panthers continued as they could not stand-out in front of mighty Fazel Atrachali while Abhishek and Darshan continued to damage and in the 22nd minute U Mumba inflicted the 3rd all-out, and Jaipur Pink Panthers were trailing by massive 22 points, and it took them 23 minutes to get double digit score on board. Last nail in the coffin was in the 37th minute when U Mumba inflicted the 4th all-out and registered a massive win.


U Mumba best defender and raider:

U Mumba best defender and raider

Jaipur Pink Panthers best defender and raider:

Jaipur Pink Panthers best defender and raider

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