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U Mumba vs Bengal Warriors | Match 111 | PKL 8 News, Score, Result, Moments

U Mumba defeated Bengal Warriors 37-27 in the 111th match of Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The best raider of the match for U Mumba was V. Ajith Kumar. He was ably supported by Fazel Atrachali. Maninder Singh's efforts went in vain tonight.

U Mumba were dominant in the raiding department at the scoring 19 to Bengal Warriors's 17. When it came to tackling U Mumba scored 16 points to Bengal Warriors's 6 points. They cleaned up the opposition into 1 All-Outs. And that made all the difference.

U Mumba captain Fazel Atrachali scored 9 where as Bengal Warriors captain Maninder Singh picked 6. The mainstay of the U Mumba was Rinku Hari staying on the mat for 100% of the raids.

Key Players
Best Raider :  V. Ajith Kumar (9 points), UM
Best Defender :  Fazel Atrachali (9 points), UM


Key Moments in the Match

Raid 1 UM 1 - 0 BW   Maninder Singh (BW) Maninder Singh is taken out by U Mumba defense after he tags two players in the centre.
Raid 10 UM 4 - 2 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) That takes some guts. Solo Tackle by Ran Singh to take out raider Abhishek Singh.
Raid 15 UM 5 - 3 BW   Maninder Singh (BW) There's not much Maninder Singh can do as the U Mumba defense completely closes in on him.
Raid 19 UM 6 - 7 BW   Manoj Gowda (BW) Super Raid! Manoj Gowda picks up 3 points on a raid.
Raid 21 UM 9 - 7 BW   Maninder Singh (BW) SUPER TACKLE! Rinku Hari, Shivam makes a fantastic tackle on Maninder Singh
Raid 23 UM 9 - 9 BW   Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh (BW) Md. E Nabibakhsh locks horns with Shivam, but manages to get across the line.
Raid 24 UM 11 - 9 BW   V. Ajith Kumar (UM) A bonus point won by V. Ajith Kumar taking out Ran Singh.
Raid 29 UM 13 - 10 BW   Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh (BW) This just isn't working for Fazel Atrachali. He tries to be clever but it backfires as Md. E Nabibakhsh gets an easy touch off him and gets the point.
Raid 31 UM 14 - 14 BW   Maninder Singh (BW) Maninder Singh gets another raid point as he takes out Pankaj, Rinku Hari.
Raid 35 UM 15 - 17 BW   Maninder Singh (BW) Maninder Singh gets the better of Rahul Sethpal, Harendra Kumar.
Raid 42 UM 20 - 17 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) Abhishek Singh locks horns with Abozar Mighani, but manages to get across the line.
Raid 44 UM 24 - 17 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) Abhishek Singh gets his man! He's been targeting Ran Singh for a while now and finally gets him out with a smart Hand Touch.
Raid 52 UM 28 - 19 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) Abozar Mighani has to leave as Abhishek Singh gets a touch on him.
Raid 66 UM 32 - 24 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) Abhishek Singh thrown out of lobby by Bengal Warriors defense, Ran Singh manages to stay inside the line and saves a point.
Raid 72 UM 36 - 24 BW   V. Ajith Kumar (UM) V. Ajith Kumar gets the better of Abozar Mighani.
Raid 74 UM 36 - 26 BW   Abhishek Singh (UM) Abhishek Singh tackled by defense.