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UP Yoddha defeat Dabang Delhi in a breathtaking finish, 38 - 36

No Rishank Devadiga, no Jeeva Kumar, Prashant Kumar Rai on mat with responsibility and he did the job, though the second half of the game was dominated by Dabang Delhi defenders but the last minute error thrown by Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal gave UP Yoddha an opportunity to lead and last minute brilliant ankle hold by Narendra sent Naveen on the bench and was the last nail in the Dabang's coffin

Naveen started the raid and got a bonus while Prashanth Rai scored 2 points in his first raid, till the 9th minute both the teams were close with UP Yoddha 8 and Dabang Delhi 9 points. In the 13th minute Prashant Rai was on raid got 2 points and UP Yoddha inflicted the first all-out and took 3 points lead 15 - 12. It was Viraj Vishnu who was leaking points in the first half.

In the 18th minute Shrikant Jadhav did a 3 point super raid and UP Yoddha took 7 point lead and in the 19th minute UP Yoddha inflicted the 2nd all-out and went into the half time with 8 points lead, score 25 - 17.


Prokabaddi Season 6, Match 37 UP Yoddha Vs. Haryana Steelers Score


Dabang Delhi defense made a come-back in the second half, when Yogesh Hooda came on the mat as substitute and scored 3 tackle point back to back, and in the 29th minute Dabang Delhi inflicted the first all-out and in the 32nd minute Dabang Delhi took 1 point lead. Next 8 minute was a close head to head battle and in the 40th minute UP Yoddha was trailing by 1 point when Joginder Narwal & Ravinder Pahal threw an error and Shrikant Jadhav got 2 points, UP Yoddha added another point when Narendra Kumar brilliant ankle hold sent Naveen on the bench and UP Yoddha walked away with the win.