Meraj Sheykh
Nick Name: Meraj Sheykh
Country: Iran

Pro Kabaddi Season 6 DD 19 213 72 48 88 9 97 45.54 33.8
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 DD 20 293 79 51 98 13 111 38 27
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 DD 14 178 42 23 52 11 63 35.39 23.60
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 TT 14 70 20 20 21 6 27 38.57 28.57
Pro Kabaddi Season 2 TT 14 43 18 16 26 3 29 67.44 41.86
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 DD 19 14 3 3 21.43 21.43
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 DD 20 26 12 12 46 46
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 DD 14 30 9 12 40 30
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 TT 14 38 18 21 55.26 47.37
Pro Kabaddi Season 2 TT 14 23 9 9 39.13 39.13
Team DD
M 19
Total Raids 213
Successful Raids 72
Unsuccessful Raids 48
Raid Touch Points 88
Raid Bonus Points 9
Total Raid Points 97
Raid SR 45.54
Raid EFF 33.8
Team DD
M 20
Total Raids 293
Successful Raids 79
Unsuccessful Raids 51
Raid Touch Points 98
Raid Bonus Points 13
Total Raid Points 111
Raid SR 38
Raid EFF 27
Team DD
M 14
Total Raids 178
Successful Raids 42
Unsuccessful Raids 23
Raid Touch Points 52
Raid Bonus Points 11
Total Raid Points 63
Raid SR 35.39
Raid EFF 23.60
Team TT
M 14
Total Raids 70
Successful Raids 20
Unsuccessful Raids 20
Raid Touch Points 21
Raid Bonus Points 6
Total Raid Points 27
Raid SR 38.57
Raid EFF 28.57
Team TT
M 14
Total Raids 43
Successful Raids 18
Unsuccessful Raids 16
Raid Touch Points 26
Raid Bonus Points 3
Total Raid Points 29
Raid SR 67.44
Raid EFF 41.86
Team DD
M 19
Total Tackle 14
Successful Tackles 3
Total Tackle Points 3
Tackle SR 21.43
Tackle EFF 21.43
Team DD
M 20
Total Tackle 26
Successful Tackles 12
Total Tackle Points 12
Tackle SR 46
Tackle EFF 46
Team DD
M 14
Total Tackle 30
Successful Tackles 9
Total Tackle Points 12
Tackle SR 40
Tackle EFF 30
Team TT
M 14
Total Tackle 38
Successful Tackles 18
Total Tackle Points 21
Tackle SR 55.26
Tackle EFF 47.37
Team TT
M 14
Total Tackle 23
Successful Tackles 9
Total Tackle Points 9
Tackle SR 39.13
Tackle EFF 39.13

Meraj Sheykh Biography

Meraj Sheykh is an Iranian professional Kabaddi player born on 26th May 1968. He currently dons the jersey for Dabang Delhi KC and is one of the important players for the team. Meraj hails from the Kabaddi rich town of Sistan in Iran and had an interest in kabaddi from his childhood days. He started playing at the age of 12. Apart from Kabaddi, he was a professional wrestler for 10 years. He debuted in the second season of Pro Kabaddi League with Telugu Titans.

Meraj Sheykh Pro Kabaddi Career

Meraj started his Pro Kabaddi League career with Telugu Titans and was the first foreign captain in the league to captain a side when he was handed the captaincy tag in Season 2. Sheykh is an all-rounder and his raiding and defending skills make him one of the most prominent all-rounders around. Sheykh has captained the Iran national team in many international events. His temperament and pressure handling capability make him a force to reckon for. He represented Telugu Titans in Season 2 and 3. He was bought by Dabang Delhi in season 4 and was retained for the subsequent seasons. His experience as a professional wrestler helps in Kabaddi due to the agility that he has developed during his wrestling days.

Meraj scored 104 points in season 4 of Pro Kabaddi League making him the most successful all-rounder of the season and completely justifying his retention in the side. He has played 91 matches in Pro Kabaddi League in which he was able to gather 379 points with average raid points amounting to 3.57 points per match. He even has a respectable average tackle per match of 0.52 and the highest average being 1.28 in season 3. Sheykh’s highest average raid point per match of 4.94 in any season was recorded in season 6 of Pro Kabaddi League.

Meraj’s signature move, Scorpion Kick is one of the most spectacular moves which equally require high reflexes and flexibility. In the move Sheykh, while reaching the mid-line snaps his back knee up to touch a defender on the way back. The move is named scorpion kick because the move is similar to the sting of a scorpion. One of the most entertaining players, he has given Pro Kabaddi fans multiple moments to cheer about with his quirky raids, unusual style of defending or escaping a touch at the corners, lying down on the mat, and frog jumps during raids.

Meraj Sheykh International Career

Meraj is nicknamed as ‘Cheetah’ or sometimes ‘Magical Meraj’. Apart from being a successful captain in Pro Kabaddi League Meraj has captained the national Kabaddi team of Iran which lost to India in the final of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup, Ahmedabad. The final was a neck to neck contest in which the result favored the Indian team. Meraj was unarguably the best player in the match posing a threat to India’s hopes for retaining the title. He has also captained Iran in the 2018 Dubai Kabaddi Masters in which Iran ended as runners up.

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