Beyond The Mat - Ravinder Pahal's Journey from Circle Kabaddi to The Hawk

Ravinder Pahal tells us how he moved from circle kabaddi to national style kabaddi to become one of the best defenders. Ravinder Pahal - The Hawk. Born on 7th Dec 1990 in Sonipat, Haryana. Started playing not just Kabaddi, but circle Kabaddi! Kabaddi is in his blood. Family played Circle Kabaddi, Wrestling. Shri Palji, first coach who introduced National style Kabaddi. "Turning point was my conversation with dad”. Thats when I started practicing day and night. Morning practice was Circle Kabaddi and evening National style Kabaddi. Scored 7-8 catches in my first open Circle style Kabaddi and earned 1000 rupees. What goes on Pahal’s mind when a raider comes? One mantra - be composed and play your natural game.

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