Haryana Steelers defeat Bengal Warriors to keep playoff hopes alive

The 96th match of Prokabaddi season 6 was a roller coaster ride which Bengal Warriors started strongly and soon the game went into the control of Haryana Steelers and continued to be a roller coaster ride with lead switching sides towards the end of the game. Maninder Singh started the raid with a bonus and touch point, while Monu Goyat walked away with a bonus point in his first raid attempt. First 5 minutes of the game belonged to Bengal Warriors and they were leading by 3 points. 

In the 6th minute Haryana Steelers defenders announced their arrival when Maninder Singh was sent on the bench by Sachin Singhade and in the next raid Ravindra Kumavat. In the 8th minute Haryana Steelers leveled the score at 7-7 and took another 8 minutes to inflict the first all-out against Bengal Warriors in the 16th minute. With 19-17 score on board Haryana Steelers walked into the half time with 7 points lead.

In the second half both the teams had slow start and in the first 5 minutes, Haryana Steelers scored 2 points and Bengal Warriors just 1. It was then Bengal Warriors staged a comeback and inflicted the first all-out in the 29th minute and score was leveled to 29-29.

It remained a close contested game in the last 10 minutes with lead switching side. 3 points super raid by Maninder Singh in the 31st minute gave some momentum to Bengal Warriors, but Haryana Steelers attack led by Monu Goyat and Vikas Kandola kept the hope aliive for Haryana Steelers and turning point of the game was super tackle by Parveen in the 36th minute. Last 4 minutes were not less than a thriller and Monu Goyat's 3 points raid sealed the game in favor of Haryana Steelers, with 35-33 final score on board.