How Dharamraj Cheralathan led U Mumba to first win against Gujarat Fortunegiants

U Mumba beat Gujarat Fortunegiants for the first time in the history of Prokabaddi League, 36-26

Age is just a number for few and one of them is Dharamaraj Cheralathan, who led the team to first ever win over Gujarat Fortungiants in the history of Prokabaddi league with his brilliant 6 points. Prapanjan started the raid and with his first point he completed his 200 points in PKL, while Siddharth Desai also got a point in his first raid. U Mumba defense was looked organized to damage Gujarat Fortunegiants attack and inflicted the first all-out in the 5th minute, to take 5 points lead.

Coming back from the all-out Gujarat Fortunegiants attack looked to be oragnized but could not break the U Mumba lead, 14th minute to 17th minute U Mumba were on slender one point lead and managed to collect 3 points the last 3 minutes before half time and walked into the half time with 3 points lead, 17-14. 

U Mumba continued the momentum and Gujarat Fortunegiants could just score 3 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half  and in the 30th minute U Mumba inflicted the 2nd all-out and took huge 10 points lead with 27-17 score on the board.

Last 5 minutes Gujarat Fortunegiants tried a comeback and U Mumba were reduced to 2 men, but Dharamaraj Cheralathan pulled out the team with his brilliant super tackle in the 38th minute and U Mumba took 9 points lead which led to their first win over Gujarat Fortunegiants in the history of Prokabaddi league.