How UP Yoddha changed a win to a tie against Telugu Titans

UP Yoddha could not continue the 1st half momentum against Telugu Titans and settle for 2nd consecutive tie

Shrikant Jadhav started the raid with a point while Rahul Chaudhari got tackled in his first raid, and he struggled to score a point till 32nd minute, he could score his first point in the 33rd minute. Nilesh Salunke scored first 2 points for his team in the 2nd minute. By the 10th minute of the game UP Yoddha took the lead and Telugu Titans were trailing by 4 points in the 9th minute.

In the 12th minute Rishank was on do or die and a brilliant supper tackle sent him on bench and gap narrowed but in the 17th minute UP Yoddha inflicted the 1st all-out and took 6 points lead, 9-15. In the first half Telugu Titans raiders were not impressive as Rahul failed to score a single point while Nilesh as second raider could not do much and at the stroke of half time Telugu Titans were trailing by 9 points.

Telugu Titans substitute C Manoj Kumar started with an impressive back kick in a do or die raid which fetched him his first point, while Sachin's pursuit raid in the 24th minute fetched him a point and Telugu Titans were trailing by 11 points, 22-11. In the last 7 minutes Telugu Titans made a come-back with Rahul Chaudhari's first point on board in the 33rd minute, UP Yoddha defenders started throwing errors. In the last 7 minutes Telugu Titans raiders scored 7 points while UP Yoddha could just score 1, and Krushna Madane took the charge in the left corner and scored crucial tackle points.