Kabaddi Thigh Hold Skill | NIS coach Rajendra Rajale | Learn Kabaddi Tackle Skills


Learn thigh hold: Video 2 - http://bit.ly/2PBw0Kf Learn thigh hold: Video - 3 http://bit.ly/2PB3U1z Kabaddi Adda is back with skill series and here in this video you will see NIS coach Shri Rajendra Rajale teaching the THIGH HOLD skill to the players in his academy. This is the first video of three video series of THIGH HOLD skill, to completely understand the skill its important you watch all the three videos patently. Shri Rajendra Rajale: Rajendra Rajale is an NIS coach, 2015-16 batch, Bengaluru. He is ex army man who played Kabaddi for Indian army. His love for sport was immense that he took voluntary retirement to start this academy, Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul. Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul: http://bit.ly/2IYHsOW Rajendra Rajale is truly living his dreams after setting-up this academy with a vision to give quality training to the kids from far flung areas. At Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul players have access to facilities like, hostel, clay court, mat, running track, swimming pool, gym etc. Thigh hold: Similar to the ankle hold, this is when a defender counters a raider by holding on to the thigh. But it gives the raider very little space to escape. It can be used as a surprise move, usually when the raider is on the move, by any of the antis. It can also be used to bring down raiders trying to frog jump over the defenders. Manjeet Chhillar and Ravinder Pahal are the two defenders who demonstrate this skill to perfection. 

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