Learn Kabaddi Tackle Skills


A defence heavy team can do magic on the mat. Gujarat Fortune giants were in ProKabaddi season 5 were the example with Fazel Atrachali and Abozar Mighani as the corners and Sunil and Parvesh as covers. All 11 teams found it tough to scale the wall of Gujarat Fortune Giants.

In this video you will see Bengaluru Bulls academy players practicing chain block techniques.

The chain block in Kabaddi is a defence skill used as a strategy to capture tall & heavy players. The skill can be used to advantage by even light weights to overpower comparatively heavier raiders with minimum chances of injuries.

This skill is classified into three types i.e., chain holds by corner/centre players, running chain holds & following chain holds. Each of these types of chain holds can be applied depending on the situation and have different hand grips for the best results.

The mechanism of the chain hold includes formation of the chain, covering the path of the raider, maintaining the hold after the capture.