Kabaddi Adda

Puneri Paltan's defenders turn out to be the architect of massive win against Haryana, 45 - 27 

On the 8th Day of Prokabaddi season 6 in the second game against Haryana Puneri Paltan's defenders turn out to be the architect of win, while Rajesh Mondal's support in the attack critical as he scored 7 points. What a massive win, 18 point margin.

Three names, Nitin Tomar, Rajesh Mondal,  and Akshay Jadhav the men behind Puneri Paltan grand show, coming-up of Akshay Jadhav as an all-rounder will bring a relive in the Pune camp, while Rajesh Mondal proves to be a go to man to attack in any critical position.

While Haryana defense till now proved to be a one night wonder as they lost the 2nd consecutive game at home with a huge margin. It was Nitin Tomar on his first raid when Kuldeep showed a glimpse of his first day at home and Nitin was sent to the bench, while Monu Goyat scored a point in his first raid courtesy unsuccessful tackle by GB More.

In the 14th minute of the game Sandeep tackled navin and Puneri Paltan inflicted the first all-out, and Pune had 6 point lead with score 13 - 7. In the 19th minute Akshay Jadhav made his presence felt in the defense with his brilliant thigh hold and sent Vikas Kandola on the bench and in the 21st minute a brilliant ankle hold and sent Navin on the bench.

In the 30th minute a 3 point super raid by Vikas showed a sign of Haryana's come back but it was Puneri Paltan's brilliant attack and defense that Haryana didn't even come close. Puneri Paltan defense kept Monu Goyat on the bench for more than 18 minutes which played a vital role.