Red Bull Tashan 2018 Southern edition final - Teaser


The southern edition of #RedBullTashan 2018 was won by GFGC Malur at the finals held at Bengaluru’s Play Arena in Kasavanahalli on 29th September.

The champions will now get a chance to train with the Pro Kabaddi League franchise Bengaluru Bulls in keeping with the tradition of Red Bull Tashan, which aims to promote kabaddi at the grass-root level.

The championship was open for participation to those between the ages of 16 and 19 in a quick 20-minute match format, with an individual south India tournament to find a regional winner.

After regional qualifiers on 26th and 27th September which saw the participation of 32 teams, four teams were selected to partake in the regional finals. The teams were GFGC Malur, GFGC Nelamangala, RC College and SLN Degree College.

In the first semi-final, GFGC Malur beat RC College 49-24, while GFGC Nelamangala beat SLN Degree College 27-24 in the second semi-final.

The final match between GFGC Malur and GFGC Nelamangala was an even battle, which was edged by the former.

GFGC Malur beat GFGC Nelamangala 33-30 in the south India final of Red Bull Tashan 2018 to become the regional champions. They will train with Bengaluru Bulls before the start of the sixth season of the Pro Kabaddi League.