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Ghar Se Panga: Vishal Mane, from helping in household chores to helping his daughter in studies is how he is spending time during the lockdown

The Corona virus pandemic has led to the postponement of the much awaited Pro Kabaddi League season 8. To keep the high intensity game of Kabaddi going, Kabaddi Adda tries to eliminate the virtual gap between the athletes and fans by talking to Kabaddi athletes on their changed routines and fitness maintenance at home.

Vishal Mane

Defender, right cover, Maharashtra, BPCL, Dabang Delhi Pro Kabaddi season 7

Vishal Mane left cover

Our conversation with Vishal Mane revealed his humbleness. Vishal was down to earth and rooted to his principles despite of his tremendous success. Read below to know how Vishal got into Kabaddi and how his meeting with Coach Rajesh Padave changed his life. Later after joining BPCL, its Mr. Pratap Shetty, coach BPCL who helped him grow.

KA: How are you able to maintain fitness during the time of Corona?

Vishal:The situation demands that everyone stays at home. Since there is no going out and no gym, I practice weight training using things available at home. My wife is also a sportswoman, and she supports me in maintaining diet and fitness.

KA: Tell us more about your wife? And, how are you spending time with your family?

Vishal:She is also a Kabaddi player. We met during a college sports event. For the past many years I have focused on Kabaddi. Now, given all the time, I am spending time teaching my kids.

KA: Have you started any new hobbies during the lockdown?

Vishal: I am learning to speak Punjabi and would like to surprise Maninder Singh in the next Pro Kabaddi Season. Also, I’ve started watching movies and web series online.

KA: Let's talk about your Kabaddi life, when and how did you start playing Kabaddi?

Vishal: I played Kabaddi during my school days but never seriously. Later in college, I played kabaddi at the highest level with Shiv Chhatrapati and Arjuna Awardees at Maharshi Dayanand College at Parel, Mumbai. That was the life-changing moment for me. There, I met Coach Rajesh Parve. He has been a blessing and has guided me all through fitness, skill training, and diet. I learned to observe the skills and strategies used by senior players.

I played my first Senior National in 2004 at the age of nineteen held in Haryana. The team included players like B.C. Ramesh and other prominent players. On the basis of my performance, soon I got appointed in the Central Railways. As a part of the Indian Railways team, I have been the Gold Medalist in 2008. That team included Manjeet Chhillar, Rakesh Kumar, Sanjeev Baliyan, etc. following which I got a job opportunity at BPCL in 2011. On winning Gold at South Asian Games, I got promoted to officer cadre, along with Rishank Devadiga, Girish Ernak, Nilesh Shinde, and Nitin Madane.

KA: When did you decided to stick with Kabaddi for a career?
Vishal: I was rejected twice in Junior School Nationals. Being demoralized, my friends and seniors motivated me to work hard. As a result, I got selected for Senior Nationals at the age of nineteen. I was so excited to play that match as I was still a Junior but got selected in Senior Nationals. That was the day I decided that I have to work hard and stick to Kabaddi.

I studied just to pass. My ultimate focus was Kabaddi as I was getting success and just wanted a job in Police or Army. I never expected Kabaddi would give back so much in terms of name and fame.

KA: Who has been your inspiration in Kabaddi?

Vishal: Manjeet Chhillar. He always treats me like his younger brother whenever I ask for any help or guidance.

KA: Have you won any prize in past that is still very close to you?

Vishal: A television for the Best Defender in a State Level tournament and the best thing is that it still works!

KA: What was your feeling when you got a place in the Indian Team and wore the Indian Jersey?

Vishal: It was a moment when my years-long dream came true. Having the five letters of INDIA on your shoulder requires a tough combination of hard work, patience and determination. The flag hoisting with National Anthem was such a moment of pride that I got overwhelmed and shed tears. That day I understood what the tears of happiness mean. I still get goosebumps remembering those moments.

KA: What would you say about injuries in Kabaddi?

Vishal: Injuries are a part and parcel of this sport. To avoid that, we have to maintain a proper schedule of workouts, diet and rest. Every player has a different body requirement and routine must be set accordingly.

KA: How did you enter PKL?

Vishal: I was not on the auction list. U Mumba required to choose one player from home state and I was the lucky one to get selected. I didn’t even know about my selection until I got a call from Shri Anup Kumar when he asked me to train harder.

KA: What memories do you have with U Mumba?

Vishal: We lost season 1 finals; we learnt, worked harder, returned in season 2 and lifted the trophy. I would appreciate the indiscriminate and secular attitude of the U Mumba Team Management. The owner often joined us to temples or mosques and personally discussed with us regarding improvements.

KA: Can you share your memories with Dabang Delhi?

Vishal: For the last two seasons, I have been with Dabang Delhi. We have a solid and balanced team with experienced players like Joginder Narwal, Ravinder Pahal, Miraj Sheikh and me along with young players like Naveen Kumar. Together we made it to finals last season.

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KA: Share with us that one match which you will never forget in life.

Vishal: Obviously PKL Season 2 Finale. We won a losing match against Bengaluru Bulls. I still remember Shabeer Bapu’s super raid that brought three points and changed the match momentum. I got the Best Defender in the Finale.

KA: What is your routine on a matchday?

Vishal: I keep myself positive and filled with alacrity. I try to relax, watch my past match videos where I have good performances and forget about the poor performances. I try to recall my best skills and the best moments.

KA: What change has PKL brought into your life?

Vishal: I never thought Kabaddi would ever get such glamour and players, such recognition and money. We feel like celebrities now. Wherever we go, people recognize us and say – “Hey, you are the Pro Kabaddi Player Vishal Mane. Can we click selfies with you?” It is amazing to have this experience.

Vishal Mane and Fazel
Fazel Atrachali is Vishal's favorite foreign Kabaddi player

Rapid fire with Vishal Mane:

Favorite Indian Kabaddi Player: Manjeet Chhillar, Anup Kumar
Favorite foreign Kabaddi Player: Fazel Atrachali
Best Friend in Game: Rishank Devadiga
Favorite sport except Kabaddi: Cricket
Favorite Player except Kabaddi: Dwayne Johnson
Free time hobby: Music, workout, Dwayne Johnson’s movies, and motivational videos.
Sport you would have played if Kabaddi was not there: Body Building
Favorite Movie: Farzand (Marathi)
Favorite Actor: Indian – Akshay Kumar
Foreign – Dwayne Johnson
Favorite car: Mercedes Benz GLS