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69th Senior National Women’s Kabaddi Championship, Day 1 LIVE updates: Haryana outclass Orissa by 59-19; Maharashtra defeated Pondicherry by 44-8

The 69th Senior National Women's Kabaddi Championship is currently underway at Mahendragarh, Haryana.

The first day's action began with a match between Haryana and Orissa, which the former easily won by a score of 59-19.

The captain, wearing jersey number 6, made five solid tackles during the game's most vital stages as Haryana completely dominated both halves.

Pooja Kumari, Haryana's leading Raider, scored 11 points while wearing jersey number 10.

To take on Orissa, Haryana rested the most of its players and brought in the B Team.

The final score of the second game of the day, between Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, was 54-14.

Both games, were completely dominated by Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.  

When it came down to the third match between Rajasthan and Kerala, the former totally dominated the game, with the first half concluding in a closing tie with a score of 16-10.

Kerala's defense was shaky in the first half, allowing Rajasthan to score quickly.

Rajasthan displayed an incredible show in the second half, scoring back-to-back points by different individuals enabled them to clinch 35 points overall, they brought a total tally close to 51 points in response to Kerala's overall 14 points.

The Rajasthan Raiders were excellent, with Prachi Deshwal (jersey number 12) scoring 10 points, including a four-point super raid.

Rajasthan's aggressive game was excellent, making it difficult for Kerala to settle in, and the latter's poor tactical game play spelled the end of the road for them.

Another meeting between MP and Punjab was a close one in which both sides gave each other a run for their money.

Punjab defeated MP with a score of 35-33.

The match between Railways and Jammu and Kashmir was a one-sided affair, with the final score of 83-9 in favor of Railways.

Railways' standout performance came from Jersey number 6, who scored 8 points.

Jammu and Kashmir's performance was so terrible that they went all out seven times throughout the game.

The most recent game between Maharastra and Pondicherry went one-sided in favor of the latter, who displayed great offensive and defensive skills on the mat.

Let us provide the whole scorecard of all games played thus far in the following format:

"Kabaddi Match"

"Kabaddi Match"

"Kabaddi Match"

"Kabaddi Match"


"Kabaddi Match"

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