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69th Senior Women's Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2023 Final : Host side Haryana beat defending champions Himachal to become the new Winners!

69th Women's Kabaddi championship final result

The 69th Senior Women's national Kabaddi championship has concluded and we have the winners for the latest edition after a 3-day action. Himachal Pradesh had entered the tournament as the defending champion and they dominantly secured back-to-back final appearance. 

They defeated Jharkhand in the Semi-final and Haryana on the other hand prevailed against Rajasthan in the Semi-final 2. 

The first half of the match was evenly contested as both of the teams were cleanly carrying out raids as well as tackles. Himachal started the game with great pace and Haryana were trailing by just a point with the half-time scoreline being 14-15. 

In the second half, Haryana's star player Jersey #9 Pooja Hathwala took the charge and step by step, gained the momentum. Her performance helped hosts Haryana win the 69th Senior Women's National Kabaddi championship by 35-28.