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Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League: A New Dawn in the World of Kabaddi

In a move that promises to bring Kabaddi to the forefront of Indian sports yet again, the organizers of the 'Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi League' (UPKL) recently made a significant announcement. Drawing inspiration from the Indian Premier League (IPL) model, this league aims to provide exposure and opportunities to the budding talents of Uttar Pradesh.

The UPKL with its tagline- 'Apna Bharat, Apna Khel, Ab Khelega UttarPradesh' promises to be a breeding ground for future Kabaddi stars from UP. The announcement of the league was made at a press event held at the Noida Media Club on Sunday, where officials from UPKL addressed the media, outlining their vision for the league.

The UPKL, a joint initiative by 1X Sports and the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association, seeks to create a new sports platform for the state's talented players. The league is set to feature eight teams, each representing different regions of Uttar Pradesh, and will comprise a total of 60 matches.

The announcement of the UPKL at a press event held at the Noida Media Club.

Name of the Teams participating in UPKL

  • Yamuna Yodhas
  • Ganga Warriors
  • Kashi Kings
  • SC Sangam Challengers
  • Brij Star
  • Noida Ninja
  • Bundelkhand Royals
  • Avadh Strikers

Emulating the successful format of major leagues like the IPL and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), the UPKL aims to offer players an opportunity to showcase their skills and receive the recognition they deserve. The tournament will adopt a double round-robin format, ensuring extensive competition and a level playing field for all teams.

One of the key aspects of UPKL's approach is the categorization of players into three grades. Grade A includes international and PKL players, Grade B consists of domestic-level players and Grade C comprises amateur players. This inclusive approach ensures that players from various backgrounds have a chance to participate and excel in the league.

Sambhav Jain, the founder of 1X Sports, emphasized the importance of UPKL in unearthing hidden talents from the vast expanse of Uttar Pradesh. He stated, "Our state is immense, and there is undoubtedly untapped talent. To nurture and harness that talent, we are introducing UPKL. We are also in talks with prominent broadcasters to provide players with a solid platform and exposure."


The secretary of the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association, Rajesh Kumar Singh, highlighted the need to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas in terms of sporting opportunities. He said, "Uttar Pradesh, due to its vast population, has produced numerous talented athletes. However, many talented youth from remote villages and towns often struggle to find opportunities. Our aim is to address this gap, promote grassroots talent, and empower them."

The participation of professional Kabaddi players in every team adds an exciting dimension to UPKL. With Kabaddi star Rahul Chaudhari as their brand ambassador of the league, it promises to be a breeding ground for future Kabaddi stars and a thrilling spectacle for fans of the sport.

While the league's commencement date and broadcasting details are yet to be finalized, the announcement has already generated buzz across Uttar Pradesh. As the state gears up to witness the birth of UPKL, it is poised to witness the rise of a new era in Kabaddi, one that fosters talent, competition, and a profound love for the game.