Kabaddi Adda

YouTubers getting ready to rumble in Kabaddi Charity Match

All Kabaddi fans and YouTube enthusiasts get ready for a unique event that combines the thrill of the sport with the power of charity. Rachitroo, a popular YouTube channel, is organizing the first-ever Youtubers Kabaddi Charity Match on June 9th, 2024.

This exciting event promises a day filled with action and entertainment. Over 20 YouTubers, some of the biggest names in the Indian scene, will be trading their mics and cameras for raids and tackles on the Kabaddi mat.

The list of participating YouTubers is impressive, featuring some of your favourite creators. Comedy fans can cheer for Mohit of Comic Verse. You can also expect to see the Malhan brothers, Nischay of Triggered Insaan and Abhishek of Fukra Insaan, go head-to-head on the Kabaddi court.

There's something for everyone with educational YouTubers like PJ Explained (Priyanshu) and tech gurus like Aditya Sharma of Casetoo joining the match. Popular YouTubers like Mythpat, Maxtern, Lakshya Chaudhary, Scout, and many more will also be showcasing their Kabaddi skills for a good cause.


But the real winner here is charity. The Youtubers Kabaddi Charity Match aims to raise funds for a worthy cause (details about the cause can be added by Rachitroo when promoting the event). So, while you enjoy watching your favourite YouTubers compete in a thrilling Kabaddi match, you'll also be contributing to a good cause.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to see a different side of your favourite YouTubers. You might be surprised by their hidden athletic talents or their competitive spirit. It's also a chance to discover new YouTubers you might not have come across before.

Mark your calendars for June 9th and get ready to witness a historic event. Whether you're a die-hard Kabaddi fan or simply a YouTube enthusiast, the Youtubers Kabaddi Charity Match promises to be a fun-filled day for everyone. 

The excitement doesn't stop at watching the match. For a chance to witness this unique event live and support a good cause, tickets for the Youtubers Kabaddi Charity Match are available for purchase on BookMyShow. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of history and cheer on your favourite YouTubers as they battle it out on the Kabaddi mat.