Kabaddi Adda

Ashu, Ravish power Amit & Ashok Academy to a comfortable win against Narwal Golden Club

AAA continue their domination win another win over NGC.

Amit Ashok Academy made a supreme comeback from their last defeat by beating Narwal Golden Club in Match 34 of K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. AAA started in same fashion as they have been doing in the whole tournament with raiders setting the stage with quick raid points. AAA did learn from their last match’s mistakes and rectified in this match as their defence came back stronger which made it difficult for NGC to score points. 
With raiders struggling to score points, it became difficult for NGC to pick a momentum which resulted in domination from AAA. AAA inflected the first all-out to NGC and got a lead of 10 with the score of 13-3. Ashu Malik looked good with his raiding skills and scored points continuously as defence of NGC struggled to hold him down. Ravish, second raider for AAA Academy played a support role to Ashu. With Raiders not able to score and defence struggling, the lead for NGC looked unmatchable as with the end of first half, score was 34-11. 
With a big lead, AAA did make some substitutions and put their bench strength to test. AAA’s players continued their momentum and didn’t let NGC get points.  With nothing to lose from here as they were already out of the contention for top 3 in POOL B. NGC did make some impact in last 10 minutes of the full-time. Rohit Vijay scored a super raid resulting in only 4 mats for AAA on the mat. From this point, NGC inflected 2 back-to-back all-outs under 3 minutes as defence for NGC came into some action Bharat and Deepak tackling AAA’s raiders. NGC’s performance in last 5 minutes was extra ordinary as they managed to reduce the point difference and end the game with the score of 59-42.
NGC’s raiders scored 32 raid points whereas only 6 tackle points were scored in defence which resulted in match not going by their side. AAA got their 5th win and are leading the table quite comprehensively. Ashu Malik was adjudged the Player of the Match for 12 raid points with Ravish giving a good support with his 10 points.