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Anup Kumar
Nick Name: Anup
Country: India

Pro Kabaddi Season 6 JP 13 127 30 21 24 14 38 29.92 23.62
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 UM 21 280 85 44 71 45 116 41 30
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 UM 14 230 60 28 53 19 72 31.30 26.09
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 UM 13 209 63 23 65 11 76 36.36 30.14
Pro Kabaddi Season 2 UM 14 244 61 33 67 7 74 30.33 25
Pro Kabaddi Season 1 UM 16 255 123 45 115 40 155 60.78 48.24
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 JP 13 28 11 11 39.29 39.29
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 UM 21 39 22 26 67 56
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 UM 14 24 9 10 41.67 37.50
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 UM 13 9 3 3 33.33 33.33
Pro Kabaddi Season 2 UM 14 12 6 7 58.33 50
Pro Kabaddi Season 1 UM 16 35 13 15 42.86 37.14
Team JP
M 13
Total Raids 127
Successful Raids 30
Unsuccessful Raids 21
Raid Touch Points 24
Raid Bonus Points 14
Total Raid Points 38
Raid SR 29.92
Raid EFF 23.62
Team UM
M 21
Total Raids 280
Successful Raids 85
Unsuccessful Raids 44
Raid Touch Points 71
Raid Bonus Points 45
Total Raid Points 116
Raid SR 41
Raid EFF 30
Team UM
M 14
Total Raids 230
Successful Raids 60
Unsuccessful Raids 28
Raid Touch Points 53
Raid Bonus Points 19
Total Raid Points 72
Raid SR 31.30
Raid EFF 26.09
Team UM
M 13
Total Raids 209
Successful Raids 63
Unsuccessful Raids 23
Raid Touch Points 65
Raid Bonus Points 11
Total Raid Points 76
Raid SR 36.36
Raid EFF 30.14
Team UM
M 14
Total Raids 244
Successful Raids 61
Unsuccessful Raids 33
Raid Touch Points 67
Raid Bonus Points 7
Total Raid Points 74
Raid SR 30.33
Raid EFF 25
Team UM
M 16
Total Raids 255
Successful Raids 123
Unsuccessful Raids 45
Raid Touch Points 115
Raid Bonus Points 40
Total Raid Points 155
Raid SR 60.78
Raid EFF 48.24
Team JP
M 13
Total Tackle 28
Successful Tackles 11
Total Tackle Points 11
Tackle SR 39.29
Tackle EFF 39.29
Team UM
M 21
Total Tackle 39
Successful Tackles 22
Total Tackle Points 26
Tackle SR 67
Tackle EFF 56
Team UM
M 14
Total Tackle 24
Successful Tackles 9
Total Tackle Points 10
Tackle SR 41.67
Tackle EFF 37.50
Team UM
M 13
Total Tackle 9
Successful Tackles 3
Total Tackle Points 3
Tackle SR 33.33
Tackle EFF 33.33
Team UM
M 14
Total Tackle 12
Successful Tackles 6
Total Tackle Points 7
Tackle SR 58.33
Tackle EFF 50
Team UM
M 16
Total Tackle 35
Successful Tackles 13
Total Tackle Points 15
Tackle SR 42.86
Tackle EFF 37.14

Anup Kumar is a former captain of the Indian men's Kabaddi team and one of the most influential players in the sport. Having led the team to numerous gold medals across various tournaments, Anup is considered to be one of the best Kabaddi players in the world. He is one of those players who made a name for himself well before the inception of Pro Kabaddi and had becoe a fan favorite as well.

Born in Parla, Haryana on 20 November 1983, Anup started playing Kabaddi since his childhood. Anup played various tournaments in his childhood and also during his college days. The raider caught the eye of Amarsingh Yadav who was the then coach for the CRPF Kabaddi team. Upon his suggestion, Anup joined the CRPF in 2005 and also secured a place in the Delhi Kabaddi team. He now works as a Deputy Commissioner of Police in the state of Haryana.

Anup Kumar International Career

Having played senior nationals and made a name for himself in other tournaments as well, Anup was selected to be a part of the team for the 2006 South Asian Games in Sri Lanka and won his first gold for the country then. The raider then remained a part of the Indian team and went on to win gold medals at the 2010 Asian Games as well as the 2014 Asian Games.

Due to his ability to pick up bonus points much easily than any other raider, Anup got the nickname 'Bonus Ka Badshah'. Using the benefit of his tall structure, Anup would swiftly cross the bonus line and make his way to his side of the court before anyone could get a chance to tackle him.

Anup rose to the position of vice-captain of the Indian team with his close friend Rakesh Kumar leading the team. It was certain that Anup would be the next skipper of the Indian team and it happened before the 2016 South Asian Games in Guwahati. Anup was handed the skipper band and he led the team to yet another gold medal after a thrilling final win against arch-rivals Pakistan. Following that, Anup was also named the skipper of the Indian team for the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad. Not only the Indian Kabaddi team went on to win the world title, but they also showed complete dominance over the other teams at the tournament. His calm attitude on the mat and the ability to perform under the pressure led to his fans calling him 'Captain Cool'. Although Anup's performance dipped in the later stage of his international career, his brilliant captaincy and ability to lead the team by example was something to look forward to always.

After having played for the Indian team for almost a decade, Anup announced his retirement from the international format. He decided to focus on his club career and left international Kabaddi soon after the world cup victory.

Anup Kumar Pro Kabaddi Career

When Pro Kabaddi came into existence in the year 2014, Anup was already a huge name in the sport. He was picked up by the Mumbai based franchise U Mumba and was swiftly appointed the captain of the team as well. With Anup Kumar as the captain and Ravi Shetty as a coach, the team of U Mumba had young players like Rishank Devadiga, Surender Nada, Mohit Chhillar, and Pawan Kumar Kadian. As a captain and as a player, Anup had a fantastic first season as he led the team to the finals in the inaugural edition of the league. Not only that, but Anup also went on to score 169 points, the most by any player that season and was named as the 'Most Valuable Player' of the season. He also led the charts of Super 10s, picking up 10 Super 10s from 16 matches.

He was retained by the team for the next season and yet again led the team to the finals. However, the results of the finals was different this year as U Mumba went on to win their maiden title after defeating Bengaluru Bulls in the finals. Anup was yet again the top-scoring player for his team with 81 raid points from just 14 matches. During Pro Kabaddi Season 3, Anup yet again led the team to the finals and became the only captain to lead a team to three consecutive finals in the league.

The fourth season of Pro Kabaddi saw a dip in Anup form and this was also the first time that U Mumba had not reached the finals of the tournament. However, he still remained the highest points scorer for his team with 82 points from 14 matches. In Pro Kabaddi Season 5, Anup became the first player to reach the 400-raid point mark in the league. He is one of the very few players who has played for one team for five consecutive seasons and also led the team.

Anup was released by U Mumba before the Pro Kabaddi Season 6 and was picked up by Jaipur Pink Panthers for a sum of Rs. 30 lakh at the auction. At PKL 2018, while Anup was announced the skipper of the team, his performance was on a decline along with the team's. Midseason, Anup announced his retirement from Kabaddi and hung his boots on 19 December 2018. However, he vowed to stay in touch with Kabaddi even after retirement.

Anup Kumar Coaching

Before Pro Kabaddi Season 7, Anup was named the coach of the Pune based Puneri Paltan franchise. His first year as a coach was not as expected as Pune finished on the third place from below with just seven wins from 22 matches.

Anup Kumar Awards

Anup has been conferred with numerous awards during and after his career. The highest honour was given to him by Government of India in 2012 when he received the Arjuna Award for his contributions in the field of Kabaddi in India.

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