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Maninder Singh
Nick Name: Maninder Singh
Country: India

Pro Kabaddi Season 6 BW 22 377 163 78 178 34 212 56.23 43.24
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 BW 21 366 159 64 158 44 202 55 43
Pro Kabaddi Season 1 JP 16 175 104 41 117 13 130 74.29 59.43
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 BW 22 7 1 1 14.29 14.29
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 BW 21 2 2 2 100 100
Pro Kabaddi Season 1 JP 16 20 7 8 40 35
Team BW
M 22
Total Raids 377
Successful Raids 163
Unsuccessful Raids 78
Raid Touch Points 178
Raid Bonus Points 34
Total Raid Points 212
Raid SR 56.23
Raid EFF 43.24
Team BW
M 21
Total Raids 366
Successful Raids 159
Unsuccessful Raids 64
Raid Touch Points 158
Raid Bonus Points 44
Total Raid Points 202
Raid SR 55
Raid EFF 43
Team JP
M 16
Total Raids 175
Successful Raids 104
Unsuccessful Raids 41
Raid Touch Points 117
Raid Bonus Points 13
Total Raid Points 130
Raid SR 74.29
Raid EFF 59.43
Team BW
M 22
Total Tackle 7
Successful Tackles 1
Total Tackle Points 1
Tackle SR 14.29
Tackle EFF 14.29
Team BW
M 21
Total Tackle 2
Successful Tackles 2
Total Tackle Points 2
Tackle SR 100
Tackle EFF 100
Team JP
M 16
Total Tackle 20
Successful Tackles 7
Total Tackle Points 8
Tackle SR 40
Tackle EFF 35

Maninder Singh Introduction

Maninder Singh is a professional Kabaddi player born on 31st January 1990 in the Hoshiarpur District in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He completed his graduation from Khalsa College, Amritsar. He currently plays as a lead raider for the West Bengal based team, Bengal Warriors, and captains them in the Pro Kabaddi League for Season 7. He holds the record of being the fastest raider in the league to score 500 raid points, achieving the feat in 56 matches. He works in Punjab Police and plays for Punjab at the Senior Nationals.

Maninder is an agile player and is known for his ability to outsmart the opposition defenders fair and square with his timely and calculated maneuvers. His timing and precision are so good that the opposition is left confused and ultimately dazzled by the time he finishes. He was part of the Indian Team that won the 2017 Asian Kabaddi Championship. He uses running hand touch to great effect while raiding. The sudden increase in pace, he rushes towards the defender leaving him nowhere else to go. Maninder stands at 6 ft and utilizes his height in reaching out with his entire body for a quick touch.

Maninder Singh Pro Kabaddi

Maninder Singh started out his Pro Kabaddi League career in 2014 playing for Jaipur Pink Panthers. From the start, he was a runaway hit and the Pink Panthers won the inaugural title of the Pro Kabaddi League. Maninder was donned as the best raider of the season with an emphatic 130 raid points in just 16 matches. After this dream start, he hit the pothole and was injured and had to take a break from the Pro Kabaddi League and was not available for the next three seasons. Season 5 saw him coming back to the mat for the West Bengal based team, Bengal Warriors. He scored 190 raid points in the comeback season. Maninder was retained by Bengal Warriors because of his enigmatic performance in season 5. In the 2018 season, he went on to become the fastest raider to score 500 raid points. He was only second to Pardeep Narwal to reach 600 points as well. Maninder did it in 68 matches and Pradeep scored the same in 63 matches.

Maninder Singh PKL 7

During Pro Kabaddi Season 7, Maninder led Bengal Warriors to win their maiden title of the tournament. They defeated Dabang Delhi KC in the finals to lift the trophy under coach BC Ramesh. Interestingly, Maninder could not play the finals due to an injury and played the role of the coach for the team to guide them from outside the mat.

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