Dubai Masters Semifinal -1 Iran vs Pakistan Match report


The first semifinal was between Iran and Pakistan. Iran being the favorites for the tie, everyone expected Pakistan to put up a good challenge. Iran captained by Mohammed Maghsoudlou was in control of the game from the word go and did not allow Pakistan to lead at any moment of the match. In the raiding department Mohammed Nabibaksh obliterated the Pakistani defense starting with a super raid in the first few minutes and the Iranian defense did not allow space or time to Pakistani raiders.

By the 5th minute, Pakistan were all out and was trailing by 10 points. Towards the end of the first half Pakistan came close to getting Iran all out as only two players were left on the mat.

Half time scores read Iran 19-9 Pakistan.

Beginning of the second half it seemed like Pakistan would give a sturdy challenge to the resolute Iranian defense but after inflicting the all out, they could not keep the momentum and eventually succumbed to another all out.

Match ended Iran 40- 21 Pakistan.

Another final for the strong Iranians where they face off against the World champions.

Suri (not verified) , Jul 20 2018 - 11:39pm
Good article. Thanks for sharing.