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10 Players to Watch out for in Yuva Kabaddi Series

The summer edition of Yuva Kabaddi Series has been filled with some impressive performers so far. Here, we would be covering 10 such players who have been quite valuable for their respective franchises. Read on for more information.



10 Players to watch out for in Yuva Kabaddi Series


The inaugural season of Yuva Kabaddi Series has witnessed some exceptional performers till now. Here we would be covering some of the players that have been impressive so far and have excelled big time for their respective franchise. 


1. Parteek Dahiya (Kaziranga Rhinos)

Playing for the Kaziranga Rhinos in YKS, Parteek has been by far the best all-rounder in the tournament. He has single-handedly helped Kaziranga Rhinos win some crucial games through his sublime performances, with the best haul of 28 points coming against Mughal Mavericks, in what was a thumping win for the Rhinos. Parteek has so far managed to score a total of 114 points in just 6 games, which goes to indicate his sublime form in the league for the Rhinos. Parteek, who also is the nephew of Indian captain Deepak Hooda, was a part of the Patna Pirates squad as a late stage replacement. Patna Pirates finished runners-up in PKL8.


2. Ashu Malik (Murthal Magnets)

Ashu has been the standout raider for the Murthal Magnets in the inaugural season of YKS. His performances have helped Murthal Magnets in reaching the top of the table, as the team has managed to win 5 out of their 7 games so far, scoring 33 points, with an impressive 4.714 points per match. Ashu has so far scored 79 raid points in his 7 outings so far, and would be a vital cog in the unit to ensure Magnets go to the next round. Ashu was a key raider in the Dabang Delhi squad in PKL 8 scoring 51 points in their title winning season. 


3. Nitin Kumar (Hampi Heroes)

Nitin had a spectacular start to the season for Hampi Heroes. In his first game, Nitin managed to score a whopping 26 point haul against Vijayanagara Veers, ensuring that Hampi Heroes start their campaign in style. Nitin has been one of the go-to players in the Hampi’s raiding unit. And even though Nitin has missed the last few games, Hampi would be hoping to avail his services to strengthen their chances for qualification in the next round. 


4. Ashish Narwal (Periyar Panthers)

The raider has been a significant contributor in Periyar’s success so far in the league. The Panthers are currently placed at 3rd position, winning 4 out of their 6 games so far. Ashish has managed to shine in the games where Periyar have gone on to thrash some of the teams, with his best performance coming against Mughal Mavericks, where he bagged a total of 26 points for the game. For the Panthers to stay in contention, Ashish has to continue to deliver for the team.



5. Jai Bhagwan (Aravalli Arrows)

Jai has been one of the key players for the Aravalli Arrows in their YKS campaign so far. In his 5 outings so far, Jai scored a total of 64 raid points for the team, with his best haul coming against Tadoba Tigers where he single-handedly managed to tie the game, scoring 24 points for the game. Aravalli is currently placed in 5th position in the table, and if they have to improve their qualification chances, they need Jai to play on a consistent basis.


6. Sachin Jaghir (Tadoba Tigers)

In what has been a mixed campaign so far for the Tadoba Tigers, Sachin’s performance has proved to be the silver lining for the team. The raider so far has scored 70 points in his 6 outings so far for the Tigers, with his best performance coming against Kaziranga Rhinos, scoring a total of 21 points, helping Tadoba win the game by 51-42. It would be important for Rhinos to win the majority of the games from here on, and for that, Sachin needs to deliver big time. 


7. Naveen Sharma (Periyar Panthers) 

Apart from Ashish Narwal, another player that has made a vital contribution to the Panthers’ campaign this season is Naveen Sharma. Naveen has proved to be the main defender for the Panthers. In his 6 outings so far, Naveen has scored a total of 31 tackle points, with his personal best of 12 tackle points against Panchala Pride, where Panthers managed to win the game quite convincingly by 62-29. For Panthers to continue with their good form, it would be crucial for players like Naveen to step up for the team.


8. Hardeep (Kaziranga Rhinos) 

Along with Sachin, Hardeep has been the star performer for the Rhinos so far in this season. Courtesy of their contributions, Rhinos are currently placed at 2nd position in the table, with an average of 4.667 points per game. The defender has gone on to bag a 5-point haul in his 3 out of the 6 outings so far, indicating his consistency in terms of scoring the points in the defense. For the Rhinos to sail all the way in this league, Hardeep’s performance would be quite decisive for the team going ahead.


9. Ajay Sharma (Maratha Marvels)

While Maratha Marvels isn’t quite having the ideal season so far, winning 3 out of their 5 games, Ajay Sharma had a good season for the team in the defense. In his 6 outings so far for the Marvels, Ajay has scored 25 tackle points, with his best performance coming in just his most recent game against Tadoba Tigers, where he managed to bag a 8 point haul for the team. For Marvels to improve upon their ranking in the table, Ajay needs to come up with some match-winning performances for the team.


10.Anuj Saini (Vijayanagara Veers) 

In what has been a disappointing season for the Veers so far, Anuj’s performance in the defense has been a positive for the team. While Veers have struggled in the games this season, only winning just a single game so far, and also currently placed at 10th position in the table, Anuj has managed to score tackle points on a consistent basis for the Veers, with his best performance against Panchala Pride, scoring 8 tackle points for the game, with the Veers unfortunately ended up on the losing side.