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Yuva Kabaddi Series is a good experiment for the sport of Kabaddi

The summer edition of the Yuva Kabaddi Series would be seeing an experimental format, with the series being India's first year round sports tournament.


The game of Kabaddi has a special relation when it comes to equating it with the history of  India. We might come across so many similarities in terms of the general virtues that the game of Kabaddi possesses, and can be certainly attributed with the very Indian traditional values that have been upheld since a very long time. 

Structure of Yuva Kabaddi Series

Yuva Kabaddi Series (YKS) aims at providing the opportunity for the players from the different parts of the country to showcase their skills on a national level, providing an exciting opportunity for the players to compete with the other emerging players from the same age group. The league has come up with a new format for its audience, making it much more exciting in terms of the games being played and also the qualification scenarios for the participating teams. 


It’s quite interesting to see how this particular format has been adopted for the tournament. If we just take the case of the most popular leagues around the world like MLB and NBA, we tend to see a particular structure and a format that has been going on since a long time, wherein one would be able to see how players from across the various regions and also form different universities are selected for the main league. Some of them get an entry into the league draft, and also go on to play for different franchises as well. Most importantly, players in these league get hundreds of matches to create a statistics and character timeline.

Yuva Kabaddi League is going to follow the model wherein one would see players coming from different clubs, akhadas and academies would be getting the opportunity to represent a franchise and also would be able to compete with different teams. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the audience would be able to witness throughout the year, as it is India’s first year round tournament. 

Yuva Kabaddi League is slated to be held for multiple seasons, with the 11 teams competing with each other, with the teams having the better performance advancing to the next round, making a better case for themselves to qualify for the playoffs. 
Keeping the audience preferences in mind, the playoffs format for the Yuva Kabaddi Series has been extended to the top 6 teams, with the team which finishes at the top gaining the maximum advantage, as it would’ve to win just a single playoff game in order to qualify for the final.

On the contrary, it is not clear if the sport of Kabaddi is design-friendly for such a long season. Kabaddi definitely a high intensity contact sport with raiders bombarded to many hundred kilograms dashing and piling on them, will take a toll on the players. A long season with teams playing almost everyday with be tough on the players. Coaches will need to take the bold and sometimes counter-intuitive move of resting their players between the season, a practice not common in Kabaddi. 

Thus, the ultimate aim of Yuva Kabaddi Series is to provide the participating teams and also the viewers with an exciting format, taking the game of Kabaddi to a whole new level. It would be interesting to see how this format fares in the longer run, as it would be playing a key role in the success of the tournament.