Importance of Toss in Kabaddi



In other sports like Cricket, being an outdoor sports; toss can play a crucial role based on the conditions. In some indoor sports like badminton, who will serve first and which side of the court is decided by the toss.

Kabaddi has a similar toss where both captains will be looking for getting the toss because winning the toss gives you the option to choose court side or to raid first, the first option a definite advantage. Choice of which side of court to start in first half, now you might think what is so special about that!?

The opposition will be raiding first and that automatically creates the first do- or-die raid for them giving the toss winners the first advantage. It depends upon the team to capitalize on the opportunity with their skill. The second advantage being they get to raid first in the second half, so if the numbers in the side are low at the end of first half, raiding first naturally gives you an opportunity to increase the strength of your side by getting touch points. So, usually unlike other sports where winning toss means the captain can choose either of the two options, in Kabaddi the captains go for choosing the court most of the time.

Captains and referee during toss
In PKL Season 5, 98% of the time toss winners chose court over raiding first.