Does Age Matter In Kabaddi?



Kabaddi is a swift paced game, one might think that only young guns fare good in this game requiring extreme skill and stamina. Or does experience and temperament matter more than just vigor and vibrancy.
To answer this question, we did an analysis on player performance based on their age. How players perform as a raider, defender or an all rounder compared to their age. The results were more or less as expected as the young guns fared well in raiding whereas a slightly older players fared well in defense and all round performance owing to their experience and better judgement.

The surprise we got while analyzing was that players aged more than 30 are playing fairly well and are also contributing much to the teams.
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.08.21 pm (1)



We took the age of all players and categorized them into four age groups. Then we calculated the sum of raid points and tackle points separately scored by each player and arrived at a normalized value for each group which is given in the table.