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PKL: Who is Bengaluru Bulls coach Randhir Singh Sehrawat ?

Randhir Singh is one of the well-known names in Indian sports. He has been the coach
of Bengaluru Bulls right from Day 1. Nobody knows this team well than Randhir Singh
because of his association with the team for a very long time.

Randhir Singh is also theonly coach to be involved with a single franchise right from day one. Other franchiseshave changed their coaches several times. Sometimes, the coaches have opted to leave franchises for better opportunities, but Randhir Singh is the only coach to be
associated with a single franchise right from day one. This shows the loyalty of both the
coach and the franchise.

Apart from that, the veteran has been a part of several national and local teams and
academies as a coach and mentor. Randhir Singh also runs private academies in Delhi
and Haryana. It is a well-known fact that if Randhir Singh finds talent in a player, he will
coach and help him excel on the big stage. He has done it with several players.

In fact, several famous players and coaches of today, namely Rakesh Kumar, Pawan
Sehrawat and V Tejaswini Bai, were trained by Randhir Singh for years.

While growing up, Randhir Singh did not have a wealthy childhood. While Randhir
Singh continued to practice the game, he was a ticket collector and was employed with
Railways. Since he was with Railways, he played for them for years. Later, he went on
to represent them as a coach. His first big medal came while coaching the Railways
men's nd women's teams, twenty years ago.

In 2010 and 2011, as a coach, he won the National Kabaddi championships for both
men's and women's teams.

Since 2014, he has been associated with Bengaluru Bulls, as mentioned earlier.

Bengaluru Bulls has been one of the consistent seasons over the years. In 2014, the
team made it to the knockouts and finished fourth.

The second season was even better for the team from Bengaluru as they made it to the
finals only to lose to U Mumba.

After the first two seasons, Bengaluru Bulls failed to make it to the knock-outs in the
next three. They made several changes to the team but nothing seemed to work out for

Three years later, the team was revamped and dominated in 2018. Notably, the season
witnessed teams divided into two zones with each zone having six teams based on their
geographical proximity. Bengaluru Bulls was placed in the Zone B.

Randhir Singh
Randhir Sehrawat

Bengaluru Bulls dominated the Zone with 13 wins from 22 matches. They advanced to
qualifier one directly and managed to lift the trophy.

After lifting the trophy, season seven did not go as they had planned. Though the team
finished 3rd in the points table, they lost 11 matches, which did hurt their record. In the
eighth season, the team finished fifth.

Also, Randhir Singh played a major role in Pawan Sehrawat's career. Since his first
season in the PKL, he has been a perfect student for the coach. However, in the last
season, Tamil Thalaivas went all-in to buy him for INR 2.26 crores.

While he became the highest-paid player in the PKL, Randhir Singh had an emotional goodbye for his student.

Despite finishing in the 3rd spot, the last edition of the Pro Kabaddi League was an
excellent one for Bengaluru Bulls. The team had lost only one match, tied 8 of them
while winning 13.

Randhir Singh will be back as the coach for the PKL 10 season as well. We might not
be sure how the season would go for him but one can certainly say that he will look out
for new talents and build them to become national stars.