Argentina-How the struggling 'other Albiceleste' enthralled fans

During the Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018 tournament, there was one team which won the hearts of many kabaddi lovers around the world that is Argentina. The struggling ‘other Albiceleste’ enthralled fans in the Middle East throughout the tournament with their gestures despite losing all the matches. From football to kabaddi, it’s a tale of the Goliaths and the Davids for the Argentinians because of the fact that kabaddi is a developing sport when compared to already developed game football in Argentina.

"When the football team loses, people back home get hurt, because the sport has developed a lot in the country, and people expect a lot from them. But our situation is different. They know that we are a new team, that we are still developing, and that we cannot match the standards of teams like India, Pakistan, Iran, or Korea", says Argentina Coach Ricardo Acuna.

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