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Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Honors Women's Kabaddi Team for Remarkable Gold Medal Win

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu felicitated the gold medal-winning members of the Himachal Pradesh Women's Kabaddi team. The team secured the top spot in the All India Civil Services Kabaddi Tournament 2023-24, which took place in New Delhi. The ceremony, held in Shimla, celebrated the remarkable achievement of the Kabaddi team under the captaincy of Kumari Krishna Thakur.

Chief Minister Sukhu extended his heartfelt congratulations to the victorious Kabaddi team, emphasizing the significance of their performance as a source of inspiration for aspiring young players in the state. He expressed confidence that the success of these athletes would encourage and motivate the budding talents in Himachal Pradesh to pursue excellence in the field of Kabaddi and sports in general.

The Chief Minister acknowledged the outstanding contribution of the Himachal Pradesh Secretariat Women's Kabaddi team, highlighting their dedication and skill that led to the coveted gold medal. He remarked that the team's accomplishment resonates beyond the sports arena, serving as a testament to the talent and determination present in the state.

Taking to social media platform Twitter, Chief Minister Sukhu shared his enthusiasm, posting, "Today in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Secretariat Women Kabaddi Team was honored for winning the Gold Medal in the All India Civil Services Kabaddi Tournament 2023-24 recently held in New Delhi. Hearty congratulations to the Kabaddi team for this achievement. The entire state has been proud of your brilliant performance. I wish all the players of the team all the best for their successful future."


The Twitter post not only showcased the Chief Minister's support for the women's Kabaddi team but also underlined the importance of recognizing and appreciating achievements in the realm of sports. The acknowledgement on a public platform further magnifies the significance of the team's success and reinforces the state's commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship and excellence.

As the Himachal Pradesh Secretariat Women's Kabaddi Team basks in the glory of their triumph, the Chief Minister's words echo the sentiment of pride felt by the entire state. The successful journey of this team serves as an inspiration for sports enthusiasts and illustrates the potential for Himachal Pradesh to emerge as a powerhouse in Kabaddi at the national level.

The felicitation ceremony not only honoured the achievements of the women's Kabaddi team but also showcased the state's commitment to nurturing and celebrating sporting excellence. The Chief Minister's encouragement and recognition are expected to fuel the aspirations of aspiring athletes and contribute to the growth of Kabaddi in Himachal Pradesh.