Rajasthan Police Women and Jaipur Men bags the Honors| 68th Rajasthan State Level Championship| Knockouts

Lohagarh Stadium, Bharatpur witnessed the 68th Rajasthan Senior State Level Championship for both Men and Women organized by Bharatpur District Kabaddi Association. The knockout stages of the tournament had signs of both, dominance and resistance and offered to be one of the spectacles in the Kabaddi Scene across the state. The Men's trophy went to the Jaipur team whereas Rajasthan Police bagged the trophy for the Women's. 

The tournament for the men's saw eight teams in Jhunjhunu, Jaipur, Rajasthan Police, Hanumangarh, Alwar, Shri Ganganagar, Ajmer and the home side, Bharatpur in the knockouts. The first match was a story of victory for the home side, as they inched past a one point victory against Ajmer to book their place in the semi-finals. The first match of the quarters was the only close match to happen in that  stage as later all the three matches were one sided affair of sheer dominance as Jaipur, Rajasthan Police and Shri Ganganagar emerged victorious. The end to the quarter-finals took us to the next stage, the semi-finals and the fixtures were, Rajasthan Police vs Bharatpur and Jaipur vs Shri Ganganagar. The team of Rajasthan Police maintained there rampant show from the previous round and gave a beating to the home side, as they went on to win the match with a score ratio of 3:1 in their favor with an unbelievable score line of 57-19, handing them there place in the finals. The two in form sides, in Shri Ganganagar and Jaipur clashed, and it was an unexpected bout, where Jaipur emerged victorious. Shri Ganganagar who won their previous match by a 14 point difference, lost to Jaipur with a score of 69-33, the difference of points being a little over double and saw there out-stead from the tournament. Then came the time for the finals, it was Jaipur vs Rajasthan Police and excitement soared as the match promised to be a thriller. A knockout stage where all matches accept one seemed to be a one sided game, the finals was next to a intense thriller. The Jaipur oozed past Rajasthan Police by 5 points to have the trophy to their name and the round for the Men's fixture came to a close, with the team from Jaipur emerging the winners.

The Jaipur team celebrating there tournament win by defeating the Rajasthan Police
The Jaipur team celebrating the victory of the 68th Rajasthan Senior State level tournament

Jaipur, Udaipur, Rajasthan Police, Sikar, Churu, Tonk, Ajmer and Hanumangarh were the top eight teams of the Women's round if the tournament. All the matches in the first round of the knockouts were one sided affairs and it was Jaipur, Rajasthan Police, Churu and Hanumangarh that qualified for the semi-finals and what was expected was no less than a thriller. But like the rounds of the quarters, the semis also happened to be a similar situation. The four teams which were looking evenly matched, happened to show such a side that both Churu and Hanumangarh couldn't stand tall beside there oppositions and lost the match by 30+ points against Rajasthan Police and Jaipur respectively. The finals, once again was against Rajasthan Police and Jaipur, but unlike the men's round, the tables had turned this time. It was the Rajasthan Police team that won the Women's leg of 68th Rajasthan Senior State Level tournament as they continued there rampant run by defeating all the teams they met since the quarter-finals by a margin of over 20 points each and showing their class and dominance around the whole leg. 

The Rajasthan Police team celebrating there tournament win by defeating Jaipur
Jaipur emerged to win the 68th Rajasthan Senior State Level Tournament for Women with conviction and authority.