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Pawan Kumar Sehrawat
Nick Name: Pawan K Sehrawat
Country: India

66th Senior National Kabaddi Men's Championship RS - - - - - - - - -
68th All India Inter Railway Kabaddi Championship NR 5 80 51 16 66 5 71 88.75 63.75
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 BB 24 375 213 85 238 36 274 73.07 56.8
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 GJ 9 23 5 12 7 2 9 39 22
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 BB 10 10 10 22 7 7 14 140 100
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 BB 13 110 36 38 39 6 45 40.91 32.73
66th Senior National Kabaddi Men's Championship RS - - - - -
68th All India Inter Railway Kabaddi Championship NR 5 12 6 8 66.67 50
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 BB 24 40 15 15 37.5 37.5
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 GJ 9 1 1 1 100 100
Pro Kabaddi Season 4 BB 10 1 - - - -
Pro Kabaddi Season 3 BB 13 17 6 8 47.06 35.29
Team RS
M -
Total Raids -
Successful Raids -
Unsuccessful Raids -
Raid Touch Points -
Raid Bonus Points -
Total Raid Points -
Raid SR -
Raid EFF -
Team NR
M 5
Total Raids 80
Successful Raids 51
Unsuccessful Raids 16
Raid Touch Points 66
Raid Bonus Points 5
Total Raid Points 71
Raid SR 88.75
Raid EFF 63.75
Team BB
M 24
Total Raids 375
Successful Raids 213
Unsuccessful Raids 85
Raid Touch Points 238
Raid Bonus Points 36
Total Raid Points 274
Raid SR 73.07
Raid EFF 56.8
Team GJ
M 9
Total Raids 23
Successful Raids 5
Unsuccessful Raids 12
Raid Touch Points 7
Raid Bonus Points 2
Total Raid Points 9
Raid SR 39
Raid EFF 22
Team BB
M 10
Total Raids 10
Successful Raids 10
Unsuccessful Raids 22
Raid Touch Points 7
Raid Bonus Points 7
Total Raid Points 14
Raid SR 140
Raid EFF 100
Team BB
M 13
Total Raids 110
Successful Raids 36
Unsuccessful Raids 38
Raid Touch Points 39
Raid Bonus Points 6
Total Raid Points 45
Raid SR 40.91
Raid EFF 32.73
Team RS
Total Tackle -
Successful Tackles -
Total Tackle Points -
Tackle SR -
Tackle EFF -
Team NR
M 5
Total Tackle 12
Successful Tackles 6
Total Tackle Points 8
Tackle SR 66.67
Tackle EFF 50
Team BB
M 24
Total Tackle 40
Successful Tackles 15
Total Tackle Points 15
Tackle SR 37.5
Tackle EFF 37.5
Team GJ
M 9
Total Tackle 1
Successful Tackles 1
Total Tackle Points 1
Tackle SR 100
Tackle EFF 100
Team BB
M 10
Total Tackle 1
Successful Tackles -
Total Tackle Points -
Tackle SR -
Tackle EFF -
Team BB
M 13
Total Tackle 17
Successful Tackles 6
Total Tackle Points 8
Tackle SR 47.06
Tackle EFF 35.29

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Introduction

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat is a professional Indian kabaddi player known by the name ‘Hi-Flyer Sehrawat' because of his stupendous performances as a raider. He was born in an agricultural family on 9 July 1996 in New Delhi, India. Pawan discovered his passion for kabaddi at a very young age of 12. His mother wanted him to concentrate on his studies, but Pawan never really found interest in it and always dreamed of pursuing a career in his passion. His father, on the other hand, understood his immense desire and always motivated him. Pawan considers his father as an inspirational figure who would go to any extent to make his son's dreams come true.

Pawan Kumar Early Days

Pawan did his schooling from Government Boys Senior Secondary School, New Delhi. After that, he went to Delhi University for his college education. Even in his educational period, Pawan never gave up on his dream. He tried to improve his style and showcased his talent by participating in school nationals and All India University Games. He caught the eye of Randhir Singh while trials for Northern Railways. With Singh's help, he got a job in the Railways as a TT and discontinued his education for work. During his time in the Railways, he played in senior nationals as the defender.

Later on, the prodigy was bid by Bengaluru Bulls for the 3rd season of Pro Kabaddi League. This was Pawan's first breakthrough in the kabaddi world.

Pawan Kumar Pro Kabaddi

In his debut season of the Pro Kabaddi League, Pawan played 13 matches out of 14 and secured 36 successful raids from 110 raids with a total of 53 points. In season 4 of the Pro Kabaddi League, he was again bought by Bengaluru Bulls but didn't get enough chance to perform well because of the presence of MVP Rohit Kumar and Deepak Kumar Dahiya in his team. He only scored 8 successful raids from 33 raids and a total of 11 points from 10 matches played which is very low considering his current game statistics, mainly used as a substitute and for do or die raids. In season 5, Pawan was bid by Gujarat Fortune Giants for Rs 13.8 lakhs. His bidding rate went down because of his lackluster performance in season 4. This season was also not very favorable for Pawan as he didn't get much chance to be on the mat. He only scored 5 successful raids out of 24 raids with a total of 10 points from 9 matches played. In this season he sat on the bench most of the time and watched his team struggle against Pardeep Narwal who won the title of the Pro Kabaddi League 2017 for Patna Pirates in the 3rd consecutive row.

His performance in the previous season didn't take him out of the league even though Pawan was very disappointed. He even thought he might not get into the next season. But his hard work and love for the game gave him a second chance to prove that he is not just an average kabaddi player. In season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Pawan's coach Randhir Singh approached him and took him back to Bengaluru Bulls with a massive bidding amount of Rs. 52.8 lakhs. He was lit on fire this season and shoot up his game statistics. With constant support from his team captain Rohit Kumar and enormous training from his coach Randhir Singh, Pawan showcased dazzling performance from the starting match of the season. In his very first match against Ajay Thakur of Tamil Thalaivas, he earned 20 raid points. This rising icon bagged 209 successful raids from 375 raids and earned a total of 282 points from 24 matches played enabling the Bengaluru Bulls to lift the title of the championship for the very first time in the finals against Gujarat Fortune Giants by 38-33. He earned 12 super raids and 13 super 10s in this march to victory. The kabaddi world was looking at him with surprise and incredulity from the moment he scored 4 super 10s in his first 5 matches. His performance also got Bengaluru Bulls topping ZONE B points table with 13 wins in 22 matches scoring 78 points. In season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi league, Pawan was regarded as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) because of his praiseworthy performance.

The PKL Season 7 saw a similar performance from the youngster as he continued his raiding attacks over his opponents. He was the only second player to score more than 300 points in the season after Pardeep Narwal. He went on to score 360 points in the league from 24 matches. Pawan also scored 39 points in a match against Haryana Steelers to break Pardeep's record of scoring 34 points in one single match. 

Pawan Kumar Indian Kabaddi Team

After his back to back amazing performances in the two seasons of Pro Kabaddi, Pawan was selected to be a part of the Indian Kabaddi team at the South Asian Games 2019. Not only that, but the youngster was also appointed as the deputy to skipper Deepak Niwas Hooda. In his debut tournament for the Indian team, Pawan was one of the top raiders and won the gold medal at the tournament. 

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Hobbies

Outside the mat, Pawan found pleasure in exploring the world and listening to music. He also very fond of cricket and admires the cricketer AB De Villiers whom he considers as his inspiration. He chose his jersey number 17 same as that of De Villiers as a tribute to his icon. He wanted to style his raiding the same way as that of De Villiers's batting style. His signature move on the mat is Running Hand Touch where the raider approaches towards the defender with quick movements and elements of surprise for extending his body for a hasty touch with the hand before reaching the safe zone. This young prodigy is a standing example to show us that there is always sunshine after the dark clouds in life and it is up to us to decide whether to face it or give up

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