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Big Money, Big Decisions: Will Pawan Sehrawat and Pardeep Narwal Be Retained for Next Pro Kabaddi Season?

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) witnessed a season of contrasting fortunes for star raiders Pawan Sehrawat and Pardeep Narwal. While Sehrawat emerged as the highest-paid player and third-best raider overall, his team, the Telugu Titans, failed to qualify for the playoffs. On the other hand, Pardeep Narwal, retained by the UP Yoddhas, couldn't prevent his team from finishing second-last despite being their best raider. Both teams now face a crucial decision: to retain their star raiders or rebuild with a fresh squad?

Pawan Sehrawat: A One-Man Show, But Was It Enough?

Pawan Sehrawat's performance was nothing short of impressive. With 202 raid points, he was the only Titan to cross the 100-point mark. He even secured 13 Super 10s and 5 Super Raids. However, his brilliance masked a harsh reality: the Titans' lack of a strong supporting players. Sehrawat's burden as captain and sole dependable raider proved too much to overcome, highlighting the team's over-reliance on him.


The hefty price tag of 2 crore 60 lakh 50 thousand for the 'Hi-Flyer' might restrict the Titans from acquiring other big names in the next auction. This raises a question - is it better to invest in a strong supporting players or retain a single star-raider? The Telugu Titans will have to weigh their options carefully, as building a balanced team with a strong defence and support raiders is crucial for future success.

Pardeep Narwal: A Fading Star?

Pardeep Narwal, the veteran raider of UP Yoddhas, also had a season to forget. While he scored 122 raid points and emerged as the team's best raider with 6 Super 10s and 2 Super Raids, his inconsistency proved costly. There were matches where he couldn't replicate his past heroics, leading to him being benched on some occasions.


The UP Yoddhas' dismal performance, finishing second-last with just 31 points, can be partly attributed to the lack of support for Pardeep Narwal in the raiding department. Yoddhas had another raider in Surender Gill, but unfortunately, he didn't play many games due to injury. However, in the next season, Surender Gill could potentially fill the void if the Yoddhas decide to release Pardeep Narwal. However, Narwal's experience and leadership qualities cannot be ignored. The Yoddhas need to decide if they can build a strong raiding unit around Pardeep or gamble on a fresh start with a new captain and raider.

The stories of Pawan Sehrawat and Pardeep Narwal highlight the importance of team composition in the PKL. While star raiders are essential, a balanced squad with a strong defence and supporting raiders is crucial for sustained success. Both the Telugu Titans and UP Yoddhas face a critical decision: retain their star raiders and build around them, or take a calculated risk by releasing them and focusing on building a new team. The upcoming auction and their performance in the next season will reveal which team emerges stronger after a season of mixed fortunes.