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All you need to know about Rajasthan Kabaddi League Season 2

Rajasthan Kabaddi League after an successful Season 1 is back with Season 2. This year the RKL has got few updates and rule changes. Read on to find out everything about RKL Season 2.


RKL Season 2

Rajasthan Kabaddi league is back with season 2 of the tournament after a successful season 1 back in 2019. The Season 1 of the RKL took place in Zee Studios, Jaipur which featured 8 teams and all the players were from Rajasthan state. The Season 2 of the Rajasthan Kabaddi League will now feature 10 teams with two new additions of teams namely- Aravali Eagles & Bharatpur Bulls. 

List of teams that will feature in the Rajasthan Kabaddi League Season 2

  • Jinc Jodhana
  • Jaipur Jaguars
  • Shekhawati Kings
  • Chambal Champions
  • Mewar Warriors
  • Bikana Riders
  • Singh Soorma
  • Ajmer Lions
  • Aravali Eagles 
  • Bharatpur Bulls

Season 2 will feature 140 players in action during the 12-day event that is planned to happen at a single venue- Jaipur. Rajasthan Kabaddi League conducted trials inviting players to take part in the League. The half phase of the trails have been completed with the 2nd half halted due to the Covid-19 situation in the country. Trails were hosted in 4 states- Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, over 2000 players participated in the trials in the 4 states. Total of 200 players will be selected from these trails to a camp where they will go through another round of filtering process and finally bring the number to 140. The selected 140 players will have a base price of Rupees 10000, out of which the top 40 players will make it the to the auctions where the teams will get a chance to bid for the players. The League is expecting the price of a player may even reach 1 lakh from what they estimate. Every player participating will receive Rupees 10000 minimum irrespective of whether he has made it to the top 40 or not.

The 10 teams will be split into two groups- A and B with 5 teams in each group. Total 20 league matches for each pool which makes it 40 league matches in the tournament. Once the league is done, top two teams from each pool will make it to the Semi-Final of the league, followed by the grand final. 

The Rajasthan Kabaddi League will have a total prize money pool of 25 Lakh Rupees which will be distributed among winners, runners-up, third-place teams, top raider, top defender, the best player of the league, top referee and the top best coach. The league is also planning to give away Man of the match price money for every game in the tournament. 

Prize Money Details for RKL Season 2


  • Man of the match: Rupees 5000/- each
  • Winners of the Leauge: Rupees 10 lakhs
  • Runner up of the League: Rupees 5 lakhs
  • Third place of the League: Rupees 1 lakhs 
  • Top raider of the League: Rupees 25000
  • Top defender of the League: Rupees 25000
  • Best Player of the League - Rupees 50000
  • Top Referee of the League: Rupees 15000
  • Best Coach of the League: Rupees 15000

Kabaddi Adda got a chance to speak to the league's CEO Mr. Shubham Chaudhary who was very excited about the season 2 of Rajasthan Kabaddi League, he said- The season 1 was a good success but we wanted to take things one step ahead, in 1st season the teams, players and everyone really liked the arrangements we had put together. This time we want to go up a notch and conduct a very good tournament for the players, teams, and everyone part of this ecosystem. Shumham also mentioned that there about two interesting and unique game changing rules that the RKL is putting together which will bring in more enthusiasm, attraction and much more entertainment to the game which will be announced very soon. Rajasthan Kabaddi League season 2 will also feature some big names from indian Kabaddi, soon we will be able to give more information said Mr. Shubham.

Stay Tuned to Kabaddi Adda for more information about Rajasthan Kabaddi League Season 2

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