Kabaddi Adda

How to play Kabaddi? Defending rules

In the previous articles, general rules and raiding rules were discussed. Here are the rules related to the concept of defending

What is defending?

The 4th article in our series ‘how to play Kabaddi?’ will focus on the rules related to the defending aspect of the sport. The series has explained the general rules of the sport, rules related to the field of play and the rules related to raiding in the first three parts.

The players who are on their own half of the court, when the player from the opposite side is raiding are defenders. There are three defender positions namely ins, corners and covers which are explained in the Kabaddi Rules and Player Positions- How to Play Kabaddi?

Defending Rules

  • The purpose of the defending Team is to prevent the raider from touching you and crossing the midline again. This can be accomplished by either fleeing or physically detaining him by tackling or grabbing him.
  • When the raider approaches the opposition's side of the mat with 3 or less than 3 defenders on the mat and they successfully pin down the raider, it is called a super tackle. Super tackle is awarded a couple of points as against the normal tackle which is given a solitary point. 
  • If the raider touches any one or more defenders with any part of his body, including the defender's clothing, shoes, or any other clothing he may be wearing, it is considered a touch.
  • When one or more defenders come into touch with the raider, it is called a struggle. The lobbies are active and included as part of the court after contact or struggle.
  • No defender, nor any raider, shall intentionally push or pull a defender out of the boundary using any part of their body.
  • No defenders can approach the raider’s half of the court during the time of the raid. If the defenders cross the mid-line during the course of the raid, the defenders are out and the points are awarded to the raiding team.