Kabaddi Adda

How to play Kabaddi? Raiding Rules

In the previous articles, general rules were discussed. Here are the rules related to the concept of raiding

What is a raid?

In the previous two articles of the series, ‘How to play Kabaddi?’ we discussed the general rules related to the sport of Kabaddi and the rules and regulations about the field of play. In this piece, we will discuss the rules related to raiding.


  • A raid is when a raider crosses the midline and enters the other side from his side of the court in an attempt to score a point by touching any of the defenders on the mat.
  • Cant- The raider must start saying ‘Kabaddi’ once he enters the opposition’s half. If he stops saying then he is considered cant out and the opponents are awarded a point. 
  • To make his raid legitimate, the player must cross his foot over the baulk line once within the opposing half.
  • The raid has a time constraint of 30 seconds. If the raider does not reach his half within the time limit, he is sent out, and the opposing team is awarded one point.
  • Raider is judged to have crossed the Bonus line when he comes into contact with the ground between the End line and the Bonus line. No part of his body should come into contact with the court surface between the midline and the Bonus line. Bonus point is applicable only when 6 or more defenders are on the court. 
  • A super raid occurs when the raider effectively eliminates three or more defenders. A super raid is also occurs considered when a raider touches two or more defenders and returns with a bonus point.
  • During the course of the game, any player who crosses the end line will be declared out. During the raid, the Umpire or Referee will guarantee that the out player is no longer active.
  • The raid will be classified as an empty raid for his squad if a raider does not score or lose any points throughout the raid.
  • If two consecutive raids are empty raiders, the third raid is a ‘do or die’ raid. If a team makes three such empty raids in a row, the raider of the third empty raid is ruled out, and the other team is granted a point and one of their players is resurrected.
  • When a player runs into the opponent's court with cant and no violation of the rules of play in order to chase down a returning raider with the aim of touching him it is called pursuit. 
  • Players who have been knocked out must be revived in the same sequence in which they were knocked out.