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Parteek Dahiya Super 10 Helps Gujarat Giants Outmuscle UP Yoddhas

The Gujarat Giants emerged victorious in a close encounter against the UP Yoddhas on February 17th, 2024, at the Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium. The final score stood at 36-29, with the Giants showcasing impressive defensive prowess to seal the deal.

From the get-go, the Gujarat Giants were on the offensive, with Parteek Dahiya leading the charge. His agility and clever moves helped him rack up 12 points, including a crucial "Super Raid" where he eliminated all but one defender. Sonu, another Giant raider, chipped in with 7 points, showcasing his speed and ability to evade tackles.

Despite the strong start from the Giants, the UP Yoddhas didn't back down. Their lone warrior, Gagana Gawda, put up a valiant effort, scoring a staggering 12 points for his team. He displayed impressive raiding skills and a fighting spirit that kept the Yoddhas in the game.


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However, the Giants' defense proved to be a wall, consistently thwarting the Yoddhas' raids. Defenders like Manoj Kumar and Fazel Atrachali were relentless, securing crucial tackle points and effectively containing the Yoddhas..

The turning point came in the second half. The Giants, led by their resolute defense and Dahiya's continued dominance, gradually extended their lead. The Yoddhas, despite their best efforts, couldn't bridge the gap, and the Giants eventually secured a well-deserved victory.

This match highlighted the importance of teamwork and a balanced approach in Kabaddi. While Parteek Dahiya shone for the Giants with his offensive prowess, their defensive unit was the real backbone of their success. For the Yoddhas, Gagana Gawda's exceptional performance was a beacon of hope, but ultimately, they couldn't overcome the Giants' collective strength.

The victory cements the Giants' position as strong contenders in the ongoing season. The Yoddhas, despite the loss, will take valuable lessons from this match.