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Pro Kabaddi League 2023: SWOT Analysis of Bengal Warriors for PKL Season 10. How is Kasinathan Baskaran Team Looking?

Positioned at 10th in PKL Season 9

In PKL Season 9, Bengal Warriors secured the 10th position, prompting a strategic overhaul as they earnestly seek to make substantial improvements in the forthcoming marquee event. Their transformation encompasses both attacking and defensive facets, driven by a desire to rectify past shortcomings and return with resounding success in the upcoming season.

The Resurgence of Maninder Singh

Notably, Maninder Singh, who ranked as the 2nd highest raider in the previous season, is poised to make a significant impact after being acquired for a substantial sum. His eager anticipation to contribute significantly exemplifies the team's aspirations for PKL Season 10.



  • The Bengal Warriors have wisely retained their promising young talents, such as Vaibhav Bhausaheb Garje, R Guhan, Suyon Baban Gaikar, and Parshant Kumar. These players have demonstrated their skills and determination, providing the team with a strong foundation for the upcoming season.
  • The commitment to nurturing and retaining young talents indicates a long-term strategy, ensuring the team's sustainability and continuity in the Pro Kabaddi League.



  • Not retaining any players in the 'Elite players' and 'Retained young players' categories could be seen as a weakness, as it means the team will have to rely on entirely new faces, potentially lacking the experience and chemistry of seasoned players.
  • The departure of key player Maninder Singh leaves a significant void in the team's roster. Finding a suitable replacement for their star raider will be a challenging task for the Bengal Warriors.



  • Releasing experienced players like Maninder Singh provides opportunities for other teams during the PKL 10 auction. This could lead to the Bengal Warriors gaining valuable resources or draft picks in exchange for these players.
  • The team's openness to exploring fresh strategies and players indicates a willingness to adapt and seize new opportunities in the upcoming season.


  • The absence of retained experienced players may disrupt team chemistry and cohesion, making it challenging for the Bengal Warriors to compete with other teams who have maintained a more stable roster.
  • The competitive nature of the Pro Kabaddi League means that other franchises will also be looking to strengthen their squads, potentially leading to intense bidding wars during the player auction.

In conclusion, as the Bengal Warriors prepare for the 10th season of the Pro Kabaddi League, their strategy reflects a balanced approach of nurturing youth while taking calculated risks with experienced player releases. The team's success in PKL 10 will depend on how effectively they manage this transition and adapt to the changes in their roster.