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Narender Kandola & Vishal Chahal Unleash Fury, Tamil Thalaivas Crush Bengal Warriors in Record-Breaking Encounter

The Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium in Panchkula witnessed history unfold on February 18th, 2024, as the Tamil Thalaivas crushed the Bengal Warriors by a staggering 74-37 margin. This match wasn't just a victory - it shattered records and cemented itself in the Pro Kabaddi history books.

The Thalaivas dominated from the very beginning, led by the unstoppable force of their star raider, Narender. He amassed a mind-boggling 17 raid points, including a first-half "Super 10" (achieving 10 raid points), showcasing his agility and tactical brilliance. Vishal Chahal, another key raider for the Thalaivas, wasn't far behind, contributing 19 points with a "Super Raid" to his name.

But the Thalaivas' success wasn't just about individual brilliance. Their defense was equally impressive, orchestrating a record-breaking 6 all-outs against the Bengal Warriors. Players like M. Abishek, Aashish, Himanshu, Amirhossein Bastami, Sahil Gulia, and Akshay Kumar all played crucial roles in shutting down the Warriors' raiders and earning valuable tackle points.

The Bengal Warriors, despite their best efforts, struggled to match the Thalaivas' intensity. Their raiders, Maninder Singh and Nitin Kumar, managed only 9 and 6 points respectively, highlighting the effectiveness of the Thalaivas' defense. Vaibhav Garje, Jaskirat Singh, Vishwas S, and Shubham Shinde, despite their valiant attempts, couldn't provide enough support to bridge the widening gap.


This historic match not only saw the Thalaivas emerge victorious with a record margin but also set several new milestones:

  • Highest points scored in a single PKL match: 111 points
  • Most all-outs inflicted by a team in a single match: 6 by the Thalaivas
  • Record of number of all-outs (7) in a single game.

The Thalaivas' performance against the Bengal Warriors serves as a testament to their exceptional teamwork, strategic execution, and individual talent. This win not only boosts their morale but also sends a strong message to other teams in the league. While the playoffs might be out of reach for both teams, this match will undoubtedly be etched in PKL history as a display of pure dominance and record-breaking achievements.