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South Asian Games 2019 Kabaddi Schedule | Finals on 9th December 2019

India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal fight it out at the South Asian Games 2019 for the top honours in Kabaddi. India start off as clear favorites, with Bangladesh and Pakistan being the other strong competitors. Indian women compete on 4th, 5th and 6th December and Indian men on 5th, 6th and 7th December. Both Men's and Women's teams are likely to find themselves in the Finals on the 9th December. 


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South Asian Games 2019 Schedule and Score | Women's Kabaddi Schedule and Timing


Women's Kabaddi Schedule SAG 2019

Date Time Match Up Score
4th Dec 09:00-09:35 India vs Sri Lanka 53-14
4th Dec 09:45-10:20 Nepal vs Bangladesh 36-25
5th Dec 14:00-14:35  India vs Bangladesh 47-16
5th Dec 14:40-15:15 Nepal vs Sri Lanka 28-24
6th Dec 09:00-09:35 Nepal vs India 19-43
6th Dec 09:45-10:20  Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh 16-17
9th Dec 13:00-13:35 India vs Nepal   ?  

South Asian Games 2019 Schedule and Score | Men's Kabaddi Schedule and Timing


Men's Kabaddi Schedule SAG 2019
Date Time Match Up Score
4th Dec 14:00-14:45 Pakistan vs Srilanka 27-29
4th Dec 14:55-15:40 Nepal vs Bangladesh 15-43
5th Dec 09:00-09:45  India vs Sri Lanka 49-16
5th Dec 09:55-10:40  Pakistan vs Bangladesh 37-21
6th Dec 14:00-14:45 Nepal vs Sri Lanka  
6th Dec 14:55-15:40 India vs Pakistan  
7th Dec 09:00-09:45 India vs Bangladesh  
7th Dec 09:55-10:40 Nepal vs Pakistan  
7th Dec 14:00-14:35 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh  
7th Dec 14:40-15:15 Nepal vs India  
9th Dec 14:00-14:45 Winner vs Runnerup     ?