Kabaddi Adda

Kabaddi should be named national game of India

There have been discussions lately regarding giving the national game status to Hockey. But India must look beyond Hockey and think of making Kabaddi or Chess as the national game for various positive reasons.

India has tasted success in both these games at international level. But India has a clear dominance over other nations in Kabaddi while Chess India’s dominance at the international level is decreasing as India’s chess wizard Vishwanathan Anand is slowly approaching his retiring age. 
Indian Kabaddi has won 3 Asian Games gold medals in the Men's event, 3 World Cup victories in the Standard Style and 8 World Cup victories in the Circle Style that includes 5 in the Men's and 3 in the Women's Kabaddi event. 

Currently the Indian team is the undisputed no.1 ranked team in both the Men's and the Women's Kabaddi event.

Kabaddi is one of the most popular games in India especially in the rural areas. The future of Kabaddi also looks bright as far as fan following is concerned with the growing success of the Pro Kabaddi League. Pro Kabaddi League in 2017 drew more viewership than the India-Sri Lanka Cricket series which is surprising given the cult status of the game of cricket in India.