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UP's efforts go in vain as Pawan Sehrawat's Super Raid took the Bulls into the Semi-Finals

Bulls beat Yoddhas with a score of 45-48 in an EXTRA TIME match. In the 1st half Yoddha's skipper, Nitesh successfully kept Pawan off the mat and inflicted an All-Out on Bulls in just 8 minutes of the match. Bulls defense struggled in taking tackle points, scored 1st tackle point after 13 minutes of the match. Pawan scored a 4 point Super Raid in the first half and soon after got Super Tackled by Nitesh. Before the end of 1st half, Bulls inflicted an All-Out on Yoddhas and 1st half end with the score of 20-17 in favor of Yoddhas. Pawan Sehrawat got Super Tackled twice in the 2nd half and Nitesh scored High 5. Pawan Sehrawat got support from Sumit and inflicted one more All-Out on Yoddhas and scored Super 10. It was last 1.5 minutes left when Bulls came in lead for the first time in the match. but soon after UP neutralized the lead and leveled the score by 36-36 at the end of the match. 

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Audacious performance by Pawan Sehrawat | Bengaluru Bulls beat U.P Yoddha | 45-48 |M-E1

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Extra Time was given to both the teams as a 7-minute match with 3 minutes half and a 1-minute break in between halves. Rishank Devadiga started Extra match with a 2 point raid and sent Pawan out of the mat. 2nd Half of Extra time was lucky for Pawan, who did a 4 points Super raid and inflicted one more All-Out on Yoddhas and entered into the Semi-Finals to face Dabang Delhi on Wednesday.

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Pawan Sehrawat's Super raid in Extra Time match get Bulls the way to Semis. Image Courtesy: Pro Kabaddi


Rohit Kumar back from injury, helped Pawan to moderate the team in the crucial situation of the match. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi


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Match Preview: Pawan Sehrawat takes on Yoddhas army

The PKL extravaganza has reached is the final week and we are coming up to the first eliminator. This is a replay of the last game of the league phase. Yoddhas won that game but not before bulls held the momentum for most of the first half of the game. The previous game these teams played was a tight 2 point win for the Yoddha. In both games, Pawan scored 14 points but the bulls defense failed. Will the story be similar or very different today?

Yoddha have a selection of raiders to choose from with both Monu Goyat and Rishank Devadiga having some positives to offer. The other two raiders have to be Surender Gill and Shrikant Jadhav and their defense pick itself. Bulls, on the other hand, may want to re-consider not playing Rohit Kumar given how the support raiders haven't been able to deliver enough. It has been up to the Bulls defense to bring Pawan back on the mat. The squad selections and the expectations from selected players will be something vexing both coaches and make the right picks could mean half the battle won.

Courtesy: Pro Kabaddi
Courtesy: Pro Kabaddi

The winner of this contest will be staring down the barrel of a contest with the most consistent team of the season - Dabang Delhi. Both these are probably only two teams from the league phase that Delhi may not want to meet.  Both the Yoddhas and Bulls have interesting raiders, while Yoddha probably have the more balanced defenses between the two teams. However, we have seen multiple times over playoffs how one player can take the match away on his own. Who will be that one player of the day? Or will it be a combined team effort to move one of these teams forward to the semis?

Watch Shrikant Jadhav battle against Pawan Sehrawat in Railways Semi Finals

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Pawan Sehrawat Vs Nitesh Kumar | U.P Yoddha VS Bengaluru Bulls |Eliminator-1| PKL7 Kaun Jeetega

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