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A whole squad to form for the Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas | Pro kabaddi 8 Auctions

Telugu Titans:

Telugu Titans have practically all money with them. They have retained 3 young raiders Rakesh Gowda, Ankit Beniwal and Rajnish at 12-13 Lakhs each. Rajnish and Ankit Beniwal have been fantastic recently. Can they carry their form into the season and become a consistent part of the starting 7? 


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In PKL7, they had two top-quality corners in Vishal Bharadwaj and Abozar. But they have let go of both of them. Vishal has been the mainstay of the team in the last 3 seasons. There is a good possibility that Telugu might use their 2 FBMs on the corners. 

Telugu Titans became the talk of the town in the PKL7 auctions when they bough Siddharth Desai for a whopping 1.45 Cr. However, fraught with injuries, Siddharth failed to deliver his bill. Siddharth is likely to be less pricey this season; it will be interesting to watch whether Telugu will try and get him back in their squad. Getting a lead raider has always been the method for the Telugu Titans. 

Farhad was a comprehensive player for them, and as such not retaining him seems like a move fraught with a lot of risks. 

All four defense positions and a few raiding positions need to be filled. Telugu faces an uphill task in this auction. 


Purse left: 378 Lakhs for at least 12 players 


Retained Players : 


1. Raiders Rakesh Gowda, Ankit Beniwal and Rajnish

2. NYPs Akash Chaudhary, Akash Dattu, Manish


Likely FBM Candidates : 


1. Siddharth Desai (220 points)

2. Vishal Bharadwaj (62 points)

3. Farhad Milagardhan (79 points)


Tamil Thalaivas:


Tamil Thalaivas have only retained their NYP's and will need to form their squad from scratch this auction. They have the most money left in their purse. Looking at the positives, this means they have no baggage from PKL7, where they finished in the last place. Uday Kumar will look a build a whole new squad for the Thalaivas. Uday Kumar was the coach of an excellent squad in Telugu Titans.

When it comes to FBM, they are likely to use it for Ajit Kumar who was a match winner for them. 

With all money left in their purse, they will be able to outbid many of the teams early in the auction. They might just look to get a captain raider like Deepak Niwas Hooda who will come early in the auction. Then further build a squad around him.


Retained Players : 

1. NYPs Sagar, Abhishek, Himanshu


Purse left: 416 Lakhs for at least 15 players 

Likely FBM Candidates : 

1. Rahul Chaudhary (138 points)

2. Ajit kumar (125 points)