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Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
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Rohit Kumar Childhood

Rohit Kumar Chillar is a well-known raider in the Indian kabaddi world. He was born on 19 January 1990 in Nizampur village in the district of Panipat, Haryana. Rohit's father was also a kabaddi player who was working in the Delhi police department. His father was the one who supported him through all his downfalls and pushed him harder to achieve a career in his passion. Being born in the place of many famous kabaddi players, Rohit always believed that he could someday become part of the legendary game. He always watched and learned from the matches of senior players like Manjeet Chhillar, Mohit Chhillar, and Rakesh Kumar who are also kabaddi icons from his hometown. They provided him with the basics and tips to improve his talent. He was very fond of them and considered them as inspirational figures.

Rohit Kumar Early Days

Rohit is a college graduate. From his school days itself, he had many remarkable achievements in kabaddi. With his exceptional achievements, he was able to join the Indian Navy through sports quota in 2009 and moved to the naval base in Mumbai.

Rohit Kumar Pro Kabaddi

While he was working as the navy officer, Rohit got selected to play for the opening season of the Pro Kabaddi League as well as the preceding season. But unfortunately, Services Sports Control Board restrained his release to play. The iconic raider made his debut in the Pro Kabaddi League through season 3. In this season Rohit was brought by Patna Pirates. Out of 178 raids, he secured 80 successful raids and bagged a total of 109 points from 12 matches played. He along with Pardeep Narwal showcased an extravagant performance and made his team win the title of the championship for the very first time. He was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the season.

In season 4 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Rohit was bid by Bengaluru Bulls. In this season, the spontaneous raider secured 75 successful raids out of 234 raids and earned a total of 100 points from 14 matches played. But the team didn't get into the knockout stage. Season 5 was a splendid season for Rohit. He was again was bought by Bengaluru Bulls for Rs 81 lakhs. In this season also he maintained his outstanding game statistics. Within a single match, Rohit bagged 32 points against UP Yoddha and earned the title the first player to score 30 points in a single match. He was also regarded as the 2nd highest point scorer of the season by earning 231 points out of 22 matches played. He bagged 192 successful raids from 418 raids in this season. He was the most successful player of season 5 but unfortunately, Bengaluru Bulls missed knockout by just 3 points. In the Bengaluru Bull franchise, Rohit was trained by Randhir Singh. Randhir always saw a potential leader in Rohit through his effort to better his teammates as well as through the team spirit he showcased in every match. In season 6 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Rohit was again retained by Bengaluru Bulls for Rs

89.1 lakhs and made him the captain of the team. The team qualified the qualifier against Gujarat Fortune Giants. Rohit's efforts lead the team into the finals again against Gujarat Fortune Giants and lifted the title of the championship. In this season he bagged 129 successful raids out of 341 raids and a total of 17 points from 24 matches played.

Within just 4 seasons in the Po Kabaddi League, this prodigy proved his worth in his passion and was ranked 5th in the top 5 raiders list. He also earned 4th position in the list of players with the highest super 10s in the league. In the mat, Rohit was well known for his iconic move Frog Jump where the raider pushes himself off the ground, makes contact with one of more defenders while in the mid-air and lands beyond their reach before dodging to the safe zone. Rohit never failed to amaze his fans with his fabulous and astounding moves. He can be seen wearing jersey number 22 in the field and reportedly has net worth of Rs. 8-15 crores.

Rohit Kumar Indian Kabaddi Team

His performance in PKL and other tournaments helped him get a place in the Indian National Kabaddi team that participated in the 2016 South Asian Games held in Guwahati and Shillong and won the gold medal. It was his father's greatest dream to see his son play for his country and was a proud moment for him. In the Indian team, Rohit was trained by Balwan Singh. Balwan helped him to overcome his weak points and trained him harder to emerge as the strongest raider in the kabaddi heritage. Rohit also became the part of the team that participated in the 2018 Kabaddi Masters Dubai.

Rohit Kumar Hobbies

Apart from playing kabaddi, Rohit also enjoyed traveling around the world and listening to music. He is a die-hard fan of the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He always admired Akshay's effort to get into the film industry without much influence and only through his talent and hard work. When he moved to Mumbai, Rohit was very excited to live near his film idol. Later on, he got a chance to meet Akshay Kumar in person and always cherish the memories. Because of his immense love for the actor, he was nicknamed as Akki by his family and friends. Coming to his personal life Rohit was married to Lalitha. But tragically Lalitha committed suicide on 17 October 2016 accusing Rohit and his father responsible for her death in her death note. Rohit and his father were arrested immediately and were released on bail. Rohit, later on, proved his innocence and cooperated well with the police investigation. Death of his wife was a major breakdown in his life and he overcame it with much effort.

Raiding Career Tackling Career
Matches Played 84
Total Raids 1244
Raid Points 607
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 60.7
Avg. Out Rate (%) 22.88
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 46.8
Effective Points 356
Matches Played 84
Main Tackles 75
Tackle Points 32
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 58.73
Avg. Out Rate (%) 63.24
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 62.83
Avg. Success Assists (%) 17
Team Played SS
Matches Played 7
Total Raids 58
Raid Points 25
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 63.05
Avg. Out Rate (%) 30
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 49.72
Effective Points 13
Team Played SS
Matches Played 7
Total Tackles 3
Tackle Points 1
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 61.05
Avg. Out Rate (%) 83.33
Avg. Strike Rate (%) -
Avg. Success Assists (%) -
Team Played BB
Matches Played 19
Total Raids 247
Raid Points 97
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 65.58
Avg. Out Rate (%) 30.61
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 37.64
Effective Points 16
Team Played BB
Matches Played 19
Total Tackles 16
Tackle Points 5
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 62.73
Avg. Out Rate (%) 66.53
Avg. Strike Rate (%) -
Avg. Success Assists (%) 5
Team Played BB
Matches Played 48
Total Raids 682
Raid Points 338
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 76.26
Avg. Out Rate (%) 21.01
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 48.08
Effective Points 228
Team Played BB
Matches Played 48
Total Tackles 60
Tackle Points 20
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 75.39
Avg. Out Rate (%) 73.02
Avg. Strike Rate (%) -
Avg. Success Assists (%) 10
Team Played BB
Matches Played 22
Total Raids 420
Raid Points 214
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 71.87
Avg. Out Rate (%) 21.42
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 49.15
Effective Points 139
Team Played BB
Matches Played 22
Total Tackles 12
Tackle Points 9
Avg. Time on Mat (%) 68.37
Avg. Out Rate (%) 76.04
Avg. Strike Rate (%) -
Avg. Success Assists (%) 7
Team Played PP
Matches Played 12
Total Raids 178
Raid Points 102
Avg. Time on Mat (%) -
Avg. Out Rate (%) 13.83
Avg. Strike Rate (%) 52.42
Effective Points 74
Team Played PP
Matches Played 12
Total Tackles 14
Tackle Points 7
Avg. Time on Mat (%) -
Avg. Out Rate (%) 33.33
Avg. Strike Rate (%) -
Avg. Success Assists (%) -
Recent 5 Top 5
Match Raid Raid Points / Total Raids Tckl Tackle Points / Main Tackles Rank T'mnt
SS vs RS (27  -  29)
67 SN (M)
SS vs UP (49  -  31)
67 SN (M)
SS vs KA (54  -  23)
67 SN (M)
SS vs UK (43  -  14)
67 SN (M)
SS vs PB (34  -  22)
67 SN (M)
Match Raid Raid Points / Total Raids Tckl Tackle Points / Main Tackles Rank Year
PP vs DD (67  -  34)
Jan 2015
BB vs PP (40  -  40)
Dec 2018
BB vs UP (35  -  29)
Nov 2018
BB vs UM (30  -  42)
Sep 2017
PP vs JP (47  -  24)
Jan 2015
Tournament Team Price Status
Pro Kabaddi Season 8 Telugu Titans 36.00 L SOLD
Pro Kabaddi Season 7 Bengaluru Bulls 98.00 L RETAINED
Pro Kabaddi Season 6 Bengaluru Bulls 89.10 L RETAINED
Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Bengaluru Bulls 81.00 L SOLD

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