Auction Data Player's Profile
Rohit Kumar
Nick Name: Akki
Country: India

PKL 6 BB 24 341 134 64 136 33 169 49.56 39.3
PKL5 BB 22 420 197 82 185 51 236 56% 47%
PKL4 BB 14 234 75 51 75 18 93 39.74% 32.05%
PKL3 PP 12 178 80 28 87 15 102 57.30% 44.94%
PKL 6 BB 24 30 9 10 33.33 30
PKL5 BB 22 13 10 12 92% 77%
PKL4 BB 14 16 6 7 43.75% 37.50%
PKL3 PP 12 14 7 7 50% 50%
Team BB
M 24
Total Raids 341
Successful Raids 134
Unsuccessful Raids 64
Raid Touch Points 136
Raid Bonus Points 33
Total Raid Points 169
Raid SR 49.56
Raid EFF 39.3
Team BB
M 22
Total Raids 420
Successful Raids 197
Unsuccessful Raids 82
Raid Touch Points 185
Raid Bonus Points 51
Total Raid Points 236
Raid SR 56%
Raid EFF 47%
Team BB
M 14
Total Raids 234
Successful Raids 75
Unsuccessful Raids 51
Raid Touch Points 75
Raid Bonus Points 18
Total Raid Points 93
Raid SR 39.74%
Raid EFF 32.05%
Team PP
M 12
Total Raids 178
Successful Raids 80
Unsuccessful Raids 28
Raid Touch Points 87
Raid Bonus Points 15
Total Raid Points 102
Raid SR 57.30%
Raid EFF 44.94%
Team BB
M 24
Total Tackle 30
Successful Tackles 9
Total Tackle Points 10
Tackle SR 33.33
Tackle EFF 30
Team BB
M 22
Total Tackle 13
Successful Tackles 10
Total Tackle Points 12
Tackle SR 92%
Tackle EFF 77%
Team BB
M 14
Total Tackle 16
Successful Tackles 6
Total Tackle Points 7
Tackle SR 43.75%
Tackle EFF 37.50%
Team PP
M 12
Total Tackle 14
Successful Tackles 7
Total Tackle Points 7
Tackle SR 50%
Tackle EFF 50%

Rohit Kumar was born on 19th January 1990 in Nizampur, Panipat, Haryana. His father's dream was to see him playing for his country. To complete his father’s dream he started playing Kabaddi at a young age of 10 years old. Due to weak financial background his father was not able to give him any professional training, but stood firm in support to fulfill a dream which had also become Rohit’s and gave training at home. What makes him such a lethal raider is his exceptional raiding skills combined with his ability to handle pressure well. When there are 6-7 defenders in court he uses his Bonus and turning skills very effectively. Just like all top raiders he has a lot of variety and uses them effectively. When there are 5 defenders or 2 defenders in the opposition he uses Hand touch & Running hand touch, in three Escape, And for 4 defenders he relies on turning skills.

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