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Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023: Team Nanded and Pune District outclass Mumbai Sahar and Nashik District on Day 24th of marquee event

Yuva Kabaddi Series Day 24th Pune edition was extra special with many classy matches were played on the mat. 

Dwelling more into the details of the game, Team Nanded District and Pune District outclassed their opponents Mumbai Sahar and Nashik District by huge margin of 51-26 and 43-34 respectively. 

kabaddi match
Kabaddi stats

Dwelling more into the details of the last match of the day between Thane District and Mumbai Upnagar where the latter won it easily against the former with a scoreline of 23-42. 

kabaddi match
Kabaddi Points Table 

If we closely observe some key moments of the match between, Thane and Mumbai Upnagar, former won the battle in the first half due to brilliance of Alankar Patil with his strong defensive style ankle hold and thigh hold.

The other highlight of the match will be last 10 seconds of the match from Mumbai Upnagar team Akash Rudule who scored all out raid twice. 

Day 24 was brilliant with many exciting things to be unfolded, with many new things upto the mark on next day. 

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