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Aravalli Arrows Crowned Champions in Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition 2023 Final

In a thrilling showdown at the Fatima College Indoor Stadium in Madurai, kabaddi fans witnessed a fierce battle between the Aravalli Arrows and the Murthal Magnets in the Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition 2023 Final. The clash of these two formidable teams on the morning of October 22, 2023, provided a captivating display of skill, strategy, and sheer determination.

Aravalli Arrows emerged victorious with a final score of 48-30, marking a dominant performance that left the Murthal Magnets trailing in their wake. 


Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition 2023 Final

Raid Points

One of the standout statistics in this match was Aravalli Arrows' exceptional performance in raid points. They managed to accumulate a staggering 28 raid points, showcasing their relentless attacking prowess. In contrast, the Murthal Magnets secured 20 raid points, highlighting their proficiency in raiding but falling short of their opponents in this crucial department.

Tackle Points

In the realm of defence, the Aravalli Arrows continued to shine, amassing 13 tackle points. Their defensive unit was rock-solid, thwarting the efforts of the Murthal Magnets and minimizing the damage inflicted by the rival raiders. On the other side, the Murthal Magnets secured just 9 tackle points.

All Out Points

Crucially, Aravalli Arrows managed to secure 4 all-out points, a testament to their ability to completely subdue the opposition and put them on the back foot. In contrast, the Murthal Magnets could not manage a single all-out, underscoring their struggle to turn the tide of the match when it mattered most.


When it came to extras, Aravalli Arrows took the lead, garnering 3 extra points compared to Murthal Magnets' 1. These extra points can often be the hidden gems in a kabaddi match, playing a pivotal role in determining the outcome.

Super Raids and Super Tackles

Both teams managed a super raid each, demonstrating their ability to execute high-reward plays that can instantly turn the tide of a match. Additionally, there was parity in super tackles, with both sides securing one each. These moments of brilliance added further excitement to an already action-packed contest.

The Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition 2023 Final was a showcase of the sport's essence, combining agility, strategy, and teamwork. Aravalli Arrows' victory was a testament to their relentless pursuit of success, while the Murthal Magnets displayed their brand of resilience and skill throughout the match.

As the dust settles on this captivating showdown, kabaddi fans can look forward to more action and entertainment in the world of this traditional sport. Aravalli Arrows have emerged as the champions of the Yuva Kabaddi Series Monsoon Edition 2023, and their victory will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for aspiring kabaddi players across the country.

Kudos to both teams for their exceptional performance, and congratulations to Aravalli Arrows for their well-deserved victory in this thrilling final.