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Ghar Se Panga: Right Corner Baldev Singh helps out migrant workers at his village during the lockdown

The lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has kept all the Kabaddi players at their homes. While some are utilizing this off time to spend time with their family, some are using it to spread awareness of the Corona Virus.

Kabaddi Adda spoke to Baldev Singh, the lead defender of the Pro Kabaddi 2019 champions, Bengal Warriors to bring you insights on how the Himachal player is spending his time in this unforeseen scenario. Read the full interview here:

Baldev Singh with his family
Baldev Singh with his family 

Q: What has been your daily routine during the lockdown?
Baldev: Since our practice is not going on, I do my own work out every day in the morning. I use the home terrace to do my exercises. I then have my breakfast and go out to help the migrant workers that live in the industrial area nearby.

Q: Tell us more about you helping the migrant workers.
Baldev: I stay in an area near the industries and there are workers who have come from outside of our city to work there. Every day, I go out along with my group to provide food for all the workers. We provide them with essential items like food, dairy, and cereals.

Q: Since you do not have your routine Kabaddi practice, what are the exercises you are focusing on?
Baldev: Currently I am focusing on strength training. It is difficult to practice defending skills without a team. Along with my cousin brother, however, I try to do as much as I can in terms of staying fit. We do heavy weight training and different stretches with a major focus on increasing the upper body strength.

Q: What are the changes you have made to the diet as you are at home?
Baldev: I have increased the milk intake in my diet. Apart from the normal food at lunch and dinner, my diet generally includes milk, curd, ghee, and Lassi. I have milk at least 3-4 times a day which is something I have grown up on.

Q: How do you spend your entire day when you are not helping the workers?
Baldev: I generally spend my days watching the news and helping my family members with household chores. There is a sports ground nearby which we have recently developed as well, so I go there once every couple of days to water the plants and flowers. I am also a fan of Punjabi movies and have been watching a few since I am home now.

Q: How has your life changed after you won the PKL title in 2019?
Baldev: People have started to recognize me a lot more now and it’s quite nice. Earlier, there was not much publicity at all, but after we performed well and won the Pro Kabaddi season, people come to us to just have a chat or invite us to their functions and so on.