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SAI launches online athlete coaching program

Sports Authority of India has launched the online athlete coaching program in the times where most of the training facilities and centers have been closed. The one-hour session which will be hosted on a daily basis was kicked off on the 16th of June for the discipline of Kabaddi. The e-Pathshala for Kabaddi is being held on the ZOOM platform.

SAI Program

Organized by the SAI NCOE Gandhinagar, the training will focus on various topics in the field of Kabaddi. The participants will be given coaching on Kabaddi skills like footwork, increasing strength, raiding skills, defending skills, and much more.

The first session was held today and was attended by more than 350 participants. The session was handled by coach Rajveer Sharma who taught about some footwork skills to all the attendees. Along with Rajveer Sharma, Anupam Goswami, Indian Kabaddi team coaches Balwan Singh, Sunil Dabas & Shailaja Jain, and Rambir Singh Khokar were also present for the session.

The online coaching program will be live every day at 7 AM on ZOOM.

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We at Kabaddi Adda also did a similar session on Chain Block skill with NIS coach Mohit Narwal. We have various tutorial videos on raiding skills, tackle skills, escape skills, and much more.

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