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Tamil Thalaivas to stay rooted to the bottom of zone B point table, Bengaluru Bulls clinches their 1st win at home

Both the captains Rohit Kumar and Ajay Thakur started the raid for their team and scored the first point, while Ajay Thakur stepped out in the 2nd minute. Bengaluru Bulls took an early lead and in the fifth minute Tamil Thalaivas were trailing by 4 points.

Bengaluru Bulls inflicted the first all out in the 9th minute and took huge lead of 7 points. In the 13th minute Anil Kumar came as substitute and sent Pawan Sehrawat on the bench three times and his 4 tackle points accelerated the Tamil Tahalaivas pace. Though Bengaluru Bulls managed to walk into the half time with 5 points raid, 17-12.

Bengaluru Bulls continued the momentum and scored regular points, while Anil Kumar was spectacular throughout the game when he was on the mat and damaged Bengaluru Bulls attack by Sending Pawan Sehrawat on the bench. Rohit Kumar 2 points raid in the 26th minute happened to be turning point of the game. 


Bengaluru Bulls Vs. Tamil Thalaivas Final Score


Though super tackle by Manjeet Chhillar in the 29th minute gave a bounce back chance but in the mean time Bengaluru Bulls defense showed up scored tackle points and inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 37th minute, which happened to be the last nail in Tamil Thalaivas coffin and Bengaluru Bulls on the second day of homeleg registered their first win with 36-22 final score on board.   

Bengaluru Bulls best raider and defender:

Bengaluru Bulls best raider and defender

Tamil Thalaivas best raider and defender:

Tamil Thalaivas best raider and defender

Stay tuned with us as on the 3rd day of home leg, Bengaluru Bulls will take on Patna Pirates:
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