Kabaddi Adda

With Pro Kabaddi Season 7 auctions scheduled on 7th and 8th April speculations are doing the round on retentions of players by franchise. In a row two times runner-up the youngest team of the tournament Gujarat Fortunegiants, once again Manpreet would not let go the duo of Sunil and Parvesh. Sunil is one of the likely retention and Manpreet may plan to RTM Parvesh in the auctions and choose Sachin to retain.

Sachin played 23 matches and scored 204 points with the average of 8.26 points per match in 366 raid attempts. Gujarat Fortunegiants in 56.87 lakh and with 10-12% increment 62-64 lakhs Sachin is a valuable retention. Another likely retention is the tall and lanky raider Prapanjan. 
Pro Kabaddi Season 7 auctions on 7th and 8th April, stay tuned with Kabaddi Adda for more updates.