Kabaddi Adda

The heroic of Pawan Sehrawat lead Bengaluru Bulls to victory against Patna Pirates in a nail biting finish 

It was a thrilling 40 minutes a roller coaster ride, that's the beauty of Kabaddi. Patna Pirates continue to lose at home and once again Pawan Sehrawat proved his mettle. It was Pardeep narwal and Rohit Kumar who started raid for their teams and scored first points in the first raid.

Bengaluru Bulls defenders managed to keep Pardeep Narwal silent while Manjeet and Deepak with their 10 points each did the job for Patna Pirates. It was a seesaw battle till the 16th minute and in the 17th minute Patna Pirates inflicted the first all-out and took 1 point lead and walked into half time with 3 point lead, 21-18.

In the 22nd minute of the game we witnessed brilliant jump over the players by Pawan Sehrawat, till the 26th minute Bengaluru Bulls was trailing, moment of the match was Rohit Kuma's 3 point super raid in the 27th minute followed by Pawan Sehrawat 5 points super raid in the 29th minute and Bengaluru Bulls inflicted 1st all-out and took 6 points lead.

In the 33rd minute Manjeet's 3 points super raid accelerated Patna chase and in the 36th minute Patna Pirates inflicted the 2nd all-out and score was equal, 36-36. In the same minute Bengaluru Bulls took 3 points lead courtesy Pawan's 3 point super raid. Though Patna Pirtaes manage to bring back score to equal in the 38th minute, but Pawan Sehrawat's last raid helped Bengaluru Bulls to beat Patna.